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Do u think its appropriate to ask a question about a dog and...?

Do u think its appropriate 2 ask a question about ur dog and have abuse hurled at u about ur dog being a mutt/mongrel or be told that it has serious faults and is not good enough?

This is a general question, it has not happened to me, but i see that it has happened to many people. i was going through one users profile who just hurls abuse at people about heir dogs. it got me thinking, how would that person feel about that? is it totally necessary to "yell" at someone and tell them that their dog is a mongrel? to me it doesnt matter what ur dog is, as long as u love it!

the way i see it, Yahoo! Answers is a place for ppl 2 ask questions to which they need the answer to. ppl arent expected 2 know everything, thats why they ask, right?

this question is just a chance for ppl to vent about their concerns etc, i am not saying it effects me in any way, nor am i saying that i am offended (as i said, abuse wasnt hurled at me). i would just love to know it has effected anyone?


LIZZY: Appreciate the answer. Though I feel I must say that ur opinion on BARF may be that, but for me, it is an absolute godsend and I would never feed my 2 dogs anything else. It is our perfect, fantastic food. But u r of course entitled 2 ur opinion! =)

Update 2:

thanks for all the feedback!! keep it up! i just mean, that if people arent happy with a question and want to rebut it then, sure, do so, but i think it should be done with tact. if one is to explain something is a tactful, healthy manner, then the person on the recieving end is more likely to listen to that as apposed to:




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    I completely agree with you. Yes, there are some frustratingly ignorant people on these boards, and I often fear for their poor pets -- and there are even people who come on here who *do* deserve scorn, because they are just plain cruel or idiotic when it comes to their animals (like greedy backyard breeders or the "winner" who was asking about tying her puppy to a tree outside of her local shelter so that she could keep a "clean record", so that she could adopt another dog next summer).

    There are, however, a couple of people on these question boards who are nothing short of ridiculous -- one in particular, whom you have quoted above. I don't have any problem with people who own pure-breds or with people who discourage folks from breeding their dogs (I'm all for spaying and neutering). I *do* however, have a problem with ridiculous, delusional breed snobs, who know and care so little about dogs -- and about behaving like decent "human beings" -- that they deem any animal who isn't a pricey purebred show-quality dog as crap, and they refer to those who chose to adopt dogs from shelters and rescues as "morons", etc. This extreme "anti-mutt/anti-shelter" attitude seems to go way beyond "rude"; indeed, it enters into the the realm of deranged -- almost psychotic. To my mind, it speaks volumes about this person and about their *lack* of intellect and maturity. More importantly, however, this snide, childish name-calling does NOTHING to educate those who seek information... it does NOTHING to help the animals who are at the mercy of the ill-informed. Sorry, but this sort of narrow-minded brattiness simply isn't cute -- particularly coming from an adult.

    The person whom you have quoted above has a small cadre of devotees who always leap to her defense, parroting how "brilliant" this person supposedly is and about how idiotic all of the rest of us are -- and hence, we should all just shut up (because, we, after all, know nothing about anything) and agree to passively soak in this person's endless "brilliance." I have to say, though, since I signed up for YA -- about six weeks ago -- I have seen NOTHING but insults and embarrassing braggadocio from this person. I have to wonder, WHERE is all of the useful and brilliant wisdom that this person supposedly offers up on these boards?? Is it really so brilliant to tell people that their mutts are crap?? How, in any way, shape or form, does this "educate" people (I, myself, *work* as an educator, so I'm really curious as to how this method supposedly works; it certainly doesn't gel w/ any effective pedagogy that I've encountered).

    This person and her cohorts can say whatever they like about *me*; I couldn't give a rat's a** -- but the endless, aimless, childish nastiness does not seem to serve any purpose, other than self-aggrandizement on the part of the nasty poster and his/her pals who seem to need to come on these boards to belittle others, presumably so that they can feel better about *themselves*. It's really rather sad.

    Who knows? Maybe I'm missing something; after all, I have a job, a family and a life, so I don't have the time to visit these boards every day, endlessly perusing questions and posting answers. As such, perhaps I've simply overlooked the terrifically enlightening responses. But can someone please show us specifically *where* all of this person's brilliant posts are hiding?? Honestly, I have yet to stumble upon any.

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    I volunteer with a rescue group, and we do not ask either of those questions. However, we do ask about an applicant's employment, and in some cases will talk with their supervisor. We also ask for both personal and veterinary references. And, there are other questions we ask that some may consider too intrusive. But given the breed we work with, (Akitas) we feel a very deep responsibility to ensure that an adoptive home is both knowledgeable and responsible and capable of managing the dog properly, and that the dog will not be used in a way, such as fighting or trained as an attack dog, that would present a public danger or bring bad publicity to the breed. There is always a fine line between getting the information you need to make an informed decision about someone's suitability to own the dog, and being too intrusive into a person's personal life. At the same time, if a person is unwilling to be somewhat self-disclosing, that in itself may be a red flag that says Do Not Adopt. I'm sure everyone who works in rescue wishes there was that one, single, easy magic metric that would predict with 100% accuracy whether someone will be a good owner or not. So far, nobody has developed it. If you think it's an easy matter to decide, I invite you to work with a rescue group for a while. I guarantee you will find the view from the other side of the fence much different.

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    People coming here (YA) to do research on breeding should get an earful, maybe you do not realize how many people think it is okay to breed just because the dog has papers. The last time I checked dogs are living breathing creatures and do not deserve to be treated like money making machines.The people who do not bother to do a bit of research before getting a dog should be called on for being ignorant. As for calling the dog a mutt/mongrel well bottom line is if it is mixed that is what they are called. That in no way implies anything bad about the dog of choice. The reason some have a problem with the mutts is because there are those that feel their designer mutt is a better speciman of a dog and to make it better they then have the nerve to ask which breed it will be like or what it will look like.

    It is a place to ask questions but before an animal is bought at least some basic research should be done but because research is not done animals are disposed of daily as garbage. Many of us have a big problem with this and we let them know if this hurts someones feelings so be it maybe a dog can be saved.

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    There is never a need for the rude behaviors you describe here. If you look up some internet definitions of a troll, you will find that some are really nothing more than that. Doesn't matter what some "claim" to know cuz this stuff can be easily found on the internet. I will never support anyone who chooses to be plain nasty.

    I, too, get frustrated at times about backyard breeders, and I do share my opinions on this, but at least I take the time to answer and explain why it may be a bad idea. Maybe someone asking sincerely wants to do the right thing and just doesn't know where to start or had the wrong ideas in the first place. "Yelling" at them and going off will do nothing and has a bigger chance of sending them in a direction they were already heading, if for no other reason, out of spite. Giving them a step in the right direction by suggesting they find a reputable breeder to mentor with and learn all they can is really a better way to go. At least if they're going to do it, we can try to give them some knowledge on doing it "right", whether we agree or not isn't going to make any difference.

    I know that I take the time to be as tactful as I can and share my personal experiences and knowledge with questions I choose to answer. There's always going to be some idiot troll looking for attention, but their loads of manure is nothing more than that--and they're the one standing knee deep in it.

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    Oh yes, I have been the recipient of abuse and personal attacks from the person in question. I was called a idiot, told that I should not be allowed to own an animal, and my personal favorite- a moron league member. All of this was simply because I did not agree with this person. Kudos to the people who answered before me, and pointed out what should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with this person's questions and answers. I, too, have yet to see this person share the credentials that make her oh-so knowledgeable. I think that if you are going to take the time to answer, then spend that time educating- not insulting. To me, the really sad part of this is that this person does seem to have a great deal of general knowledge about dogs, but would rather insult than inform.

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    I Happen To Prefer Pure Breds But I Would NEVER Say One Dog Was Not Worthy Of Love. All Dogs Have Their Own Charm & Are Lovable. I Am Answering This To Show That Not All People That Only Have Pure Bred Dogs Think That Way. I Love All Animals But I Just Have A Connection To Pure Labrador Retrievers.

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    If someone is posting an abusive or offensive question (as punks tend to, especially late at night) then by all means, hurl away. Sometimes too, people who are just plain stupid need harsher answers (for example, my dog had surgery yesterday and it pulled all its stitches out and it's bleeding, should I call the vet?)Serious questions should be answered respectfully and seriously. And there are many, many, many people out there who are breeding poor quality dogs left and right, who really have no business breeding and really no clue why they have no business breeding, and that pisses a lot of people off. I go off on people from time to time too, usually on food questions, because I'm a LVT and nutritionist-on-staff for a 7-vet hospital, and I consistently get 4 to 7 thumbs-down ratings when I answer feeding questions. That tends to really piss me off, because it's what I do for a living, and quite frankly I do it well! (PS: the BARF diet sucks LOL : )~ ) So yeah I can empathize with a good breeder that goes off on backyard and puppy mill breeders. Because there's already lots of wonderful mutts and mixed-breed dogs in the shelters and such that need good homes, and YES mutts make excellent pets!

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    I have seen a lot of people get very mean with people who ask all kinds of questions. One of the most popular questions that people get mean about is asking about breeding. A lot of people ask about how to breed, or 'should i breed my mixed breed dog' and people just go off on them, and tell them they are horrible people, all of that. They are basically trying to get the point across to spay or neuter that animal. What they don't know is that people DO NOT respond to rude mean answers. They pass by and ignore them. I know this because i ignore mean answers i get. I feel there is no reason to be mean or belittle someone. You can get the same point across by saying it in a nice way, and people might ACTUALLY listen to what you have to say.

    I think some people get mean on hear because they can, they aren't facing theses people in person. So they feel they can get away with being mean. I also think it is because some people put others down to make themselves feel better about themself. I think it is stupid, and i am really getting sick of it. You are right, people are not expected to know everything. And sometimes they know the right answer, they just want someone else to push them to..take their dog to the vet, or whatever they are asking. They would be helping everyone, the owner and the pet, if they answer in a nicer way.

    I wanted to add that I am an LVT also, and work at a vet clinc. And I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. But when I see a question that angers or irritates me, I still don't get mean and pushy. I treat them like a client. If I were in an exam room with a client asking about breeding, or a medical question, it would be COMPLETELY unacceptable to go off on them, telling them they are a horrible owner, they shouldn't own a dog, or to make rude comments about their 'mutt.' I know that person would disregard my comments, and move on. I feel it is the same on Yahoo, people don't listen to mean answers, so if you really want to help, just be nice. Even if it is a medical emergency, you can say "This sounds really serious, this is a medical emergency. I think you should get to the phone as soon as you can, and call the vet Now!" Rather than..."What kind of owner are you! Why would you let your dog vomit for 3 days straight. You don't deserve a dog. Take your dog to the vet and ask them to find a better owner!" I see these answers all the time, and i know the owner gets agry, and just ignores what they have to say.

    Source(s): Just my opinion
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    People do not have to be so rude and insulting. If you don't like the question, then just ignore it. There is no need to be so abusive to people. I hate abuse of any kind, whether physical, mental, verbal, etc. Abuse is abuse and it is wrong. People who insult someone on a site like this is most likely the same way in person. They must live a very unhappy life. If I can't say something nice to the people who need help, I will not say anything.

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    Yeah, sure I was told that by my friend who raises purebred German Shepards. She said that they are teh only dogs taht count. However, I had a pit-bull/ Chow mix for 6 years. She was the best dog I ever had. And I mean in every way you can describe. She was great. She was a mutt. And I loved her more than words could ever say.

    Alot of times purebreds pick up alot of genetic defects specific to the breed. By getting a mutt, you bypass alot of the inbred faults. Bottom line: love what u love. Noone can fault u 4 that. If they try 2: middle finger

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    I have not seen anyone saying that a mixed breed is a wrothless dog...However I like many people am angry about a few things happening in the dog world right now.

    People are mixing dogs with noncompatable temperment and calling them a new "Standard Breed" claiming they have no health problems and their temperment is great

    The truth is NO ONE has a right to claim (EXAMPLE) that Labradoddles are a new breed. They are peone to ear problems like Labs and they do shed Like Labs.

    The lie going around is that they have no health problems.

    Also, Poddles like to be told what to do right away or they are frustrated and bored. Labs are carefree and love to play all day this causes great mental confusion for the poor animal!

    I have owned many mixed breeds I love them.

    All I am saying is it is wrong to charge someone 500-1200 for a dog that is not pure. It is wrong to decieve and lie to people THAT is the abuse I want to stop

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