OB/GYNs only?

i am 16 years old and i am interested in beoming only a obstetrician. i am wondering if you have to be a Gynecologist to. i am in love with babies and i have always dreamed of delivering them. so my question is do you have to be both or can you only go to school for one? what colleges are the best?


i only want to practice to be a Obstetrician can i do that?

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    No you dont have to become a gynecologist but most due because as you will find out obstetrics deals more with the women with the babies that the baby itself. An obstetrician deals with the mothers health issues during the preqnuncy and then till slightly afer birth, then it becomes an peditricians job to deal with the baby(soon child). Mosy Doctors go the ob/gyn track because it is hard to keep patients as a ob, because they are only your patients while their pregnant. I would recocomend becoming a peditrician if you want close contact with babies and seeing that your 16 you might be able to volunteer at a local hospital in the pediatrics department(its a tough job, but defintitly worth it)

    -pre med student

    ps i work as a volunteer in a pediatric hospital if you have questions feel free to email me sg1clan4socom@yahoo.com

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  • 3 years ago

    i truthfully like my male Ob/Gyn, and interior the previous my lady Gyn's appeared lots greater abrasive, in ideas and in bedside manners. I desire male Ob/Gyn's. i like that there is not any "opposition" with them. perchance the challenge is with me, yet i do no longer p.c. a doctor with the comparable aspects as me, or who went nonetheless being pregnant / hard paintings themselves. i do no longer p.c. to be whilst in comparison with their very own journey, basically their expert journey. With women human beings you've got an argument of "i are becoming to be via it, the discomfort did no longer subject me that lots" and then they do basically no longer attempt to no longer reason discomfort, while the adult men comprehend they don't comprehend what it appears like, so attempt to be greater careful. additionally they probable comprehend women human beings will grow to be attentive to them as much less soft, so they are greater soft to make up for it. The male medical doctors I truthfully have had, all of them, look to place forth greater attempt to be soft. the female ones constantly attempt to speak to me approximately my existence, buying etc. i do no longer p.c. a verbal substitute to flow with a pap smear etc! basically stick to the activity handy! lol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you dont have to. they both attend pregnant women, they deliver them too. but gyn's usually do that gynecology stuff. pap smears and cervical exams. ob's tend more to just delivering babies. you can practice for both though you know.

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  • birdie
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    Consider midwifery...another option...

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