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#1. *What do YOU think "Christian" means?* Pray, do tell!?

#2. Does it equal weakness or suffering?

No! Jesus calmed storms, walked on water, and defeated death to be our mighty King! (No weakness there...)

Christians are strong! They cast out demons and they commune with Angels.

Also look at the Saints. They float, heal the sick and are friends of the animals!

*Weakness and suffering is never knowing the truth about life, no spiritual gifts, and eternal damnation in hell.

#3. Do you have the proper prospective?

#4. Are you in company of Angels?

#5. Do you know the truth about Christianity?

**It is Cool to be Christian!**

5 questions marked # to answer...

With Love and Appreciation,

Happy Saint Valentines Day!



Sealed with a Kiss!



Commercialised? The devil currupts through media and commercialism!

Let the Christians celebrate millenium style as long as it is BIBLICAL BASED!

Update 2:

***Alex Azender,***

You poor thing! Spiritually inept?

Even the mislead and spiritually coward medically community have WEIGHED A SOUL! Yes, from a death bed! From a few short moments after death, the body weighs 2lbs. lighter! This is documented.

As for your blasphemy! Beware! For it is written, "We are accountable for every idle word we speak"

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" Honestly, have you no shame?

The medical community says that the absence of shame is pyschosis!

I will pray for you... No need to thank me later,- Thank GOD!


Oh yah, seek a priest! A little Holy Water wouldn't hurt you any...

Update 3:

Alex Azender,

Kind edit... Unless you change your tune you will be regreting it on Judgement Day.

Speaking of Judging... You know what the Good Book says, "Judge not lest thou be judged" THIS IS ANCIENT HOLY TEXT we are talking about! Some reverence is in order!

You used the "C" word, Ah Ooooh!

Better repent, this is a fair warning!

God has a way of showing us the true meaning of a word!

With Love,

Good Bye!

Update 4:

***Alex Avender,***

About YOUR words below:

"Quit trying to impose your silly beliefs on me it is offensive"-You say?


**No shame, no conscience and no credability!***

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    1). In simple laymen's term, Christian means to be Christ-like which was exemplifed in his total obedience to God's Will.

    2) True Christianity can and will result in suffering. Even the bible says, Though he were a Son, yet learned he Obedience by the things he SUFFERED the most. In the Christian walk suffering is overlooked b/c it is viewed as a weakeness...but it's not.

    3)I'd like to think i have the proper perspective.

    4)All the time. The book of Psalms says the Angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear him, so even when i don't get the Physical manifestations, they're still around me spiritually.

    5) The name Christianity goes back to Antioch where the church was first given this monikker in a mocking fashion as though they were a cult.

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    In 325 ad The Christian church council form all over the world . It marks the definite entry upon the stage of human affiars of the Christian Church and of Christianity as it is generally understood in the world today. It marks the exact definittion of Christian teaching by the Nicene Creed which followed the concept of the Trinity that the father son and the holy ghost were 3 distict persons but, but one god One must realize that the profound diffrences between fuly devolped Christianity of Nicene Creed and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The teaching of jesus was prophetic of the type that began with the hebrew prophets. It was not priestly, it has no consecrated temple no alter no rites and ceremonies. Its sacrifice was a broken and contrite heart." Its only organization was preachers, and its chief function was the sermon. But the Christianity of the 4th century though it preserved the teaching of the gospels was a mainly priestly religion of a type familiar to world for thousands of years

    Source(s): The outline of History by HG Wells copywrite 1920
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    I can't believe that you hold onto the "weighing a soul" experiment performed by Dr. Duncan MacDougall. Not only do you reference it, you give the wrong weight. The famous amount is 21 grams, not 2 pounds.

    No serious scientist believes that his experiments held any merit. They have never been duplicated and were unethical to begin with. The doctors methods were questionable and his sample size was too small. Also, out of 6 patients he was only able to get the measurement on one of them. That is not good science.

    Here are some links about it.

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    #1 here is what a Christian is:

    the requirements are;

    belief that Jesus Christ is God.

    belief that we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God.

    belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and arose again from the dead.

    belief that, if we confess our sins and ask Jesus Christ into our life as our personal Lord and Savior, we are saved and will spend eternity with God.

    belief that Jesus is the only intersessor between mankind and God.

    belief that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of the Living God Jehovah.

    any person, group, church, religion that does not teach and believe in all those things is not truly Christian.

    #2 no.

    3# yes.

    #4 yes

    #5 yes

    no, being Christian is and never has been "cool".

    true Christianity is rejected by the majority of the inhabitants of this planet. many think we are crazy.

    true Christians wear that as a badge of honor!

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    1. It means to follow in the footsteps of the Messiah Jesus.

    2. No it doesnt, but some Christians are stong and some weak.

    3. On what?

    4.Angels dont matter, only God does.

    5.That those who run its organizations are corrupt and have commerialized the religion beyond its founders recognition? Yes!!

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    1) ... Christian means any human having the Holy Spirit within him or her. This will lead to a spiritual relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

    2) Christians are to be MEEK (teachable) not weak !

    3) Proper perspective is one of grace through faith.

    4) Christians are in the company of both, good angels and bad angels (demons in the society around him or her.) !

    5) I know the "truth" and the truth has set me free from being a slave to sin, through Jesus Christ, the "Emancipator" !


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    1# Someone afflicted with a mental disorder that lives in a state of delusion and sometimes hallucinates. They follow a death cult and worship roadkill. You often see them in subways or streetccorners with wild hair and unkempt clothes screaming incoherently about Apocalypse and Jesus.

    2# Yes.

    3# Absolutely yes, I do.

    4# Of course not. My mental health is good and I am not hallucinating.

    5# Sadly yes.

    Edit : Wow...Nice rant. You're a good example of the "crazy" I was talking about. :D

    Edit #2 : "You know what the Good Book says, "Judge not lest thou be judged" "

    Good book? No. Your bible says that, yes. But I don't consider the bible to be a credible source for information, and certainly not for morals. I would never follow the rules of a violent baby killing "god". No reverence is in order at all. Why should there be?

    Quit trying to impose your silly religion and your wacky beliefs on me. It's offensive.

    Your message is not "in love". It's hate mail. For you to pretend otherwise is dishonest of you.

    Edit #3(Why won't you go away? and stop emailing me?) : Nice trying to twist the facts around. You learn that in church? You asked for opinions, and I gave mine. You ASKED. You never said "Only those who agree with me reply". You never said "anyone who can think independantly shouldn't answer this".

    I never asked for your warped opinion and don't care to hear it. You keep emailing it to me anyway... I answered your question. You may not have liked the answer, but that's neither here nor there. You started an argument. Will you let it end? Probably not.

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    Peace be unto you.

    I say unto you that if you love one another you indeed are my disciples.

    Follow thou me.

    Jesus called those who gave all they possessed to the poor, took up their cross and followed Him, Disciples.

    Jesus called those who believe on His Name, Believers.

    Jesus called those who sought after his teachings, followers.

    Where in the Word of God does Jesus call us Christians

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    1. Follower of Jesus Christ and the Bible

    2. Maybe

    3. No

    4. No

    5. No

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    1-Someone who follows Christianity.

    2-Suffering, no, weakness, not universally.

    3-After years of study and meditation I'd like to think I'm getting closer.

    4-Sure, all my friends who care about me.

    5-I've researched it heavily, I'd say I know more than most.

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