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Do the birds at my feeder stop eating when they are full, or keep on eating while there is easy pickings?

The population has exploded at my feeder, some seem to stay most of the day. Some are getting kind of 'porky'. We're expecting a storm tonight and the birds have been more aggressive to each other today, Is that a probable cause. There were so many birds (some that I normally never see in winter (two kinds of sparrow) last Saturday that a bird of prey (likely some kind of hawk because it was fully light, but moving so fast I couldn't make an ID, just a dark blure) made 3 different trips, that I saw, through the air between the house and the feeded, about 12 ft. from my window and under 6 ft from the ground.. My neighbors say they don't have many this year, so assume they are all over here. Should I let the feeder go empty every few says so they have to go elsewhere?

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    Your feeder may be in a great spot for the birds, Not to close to any obstructions i.e. a wall trees your home. If the birds don't feel safe while they eat, they wont use the feeder. This time of year we are getting a ton of migratory birds that are making their way south. That is probably why you are now seeing birds that you don't see normally.

    The Hawk you saw was a Coopers Hawk, they can maneuver trough the tightest spaces. The only down side is they are known to hang out at feeders to get their lunch. That might be why he flew by 3 times. If they know where a good food source is they will set up shop. Don't be mad at them they need to eat to. :) Good luck with everything. Keep on feeding, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    your probably feeding better food than your neighbors, also your neighbors might be having a predator like cats or coons bugging there feeders. So they abandoned that death trap for yours. Though yours is becoming a death trap too cause now you said a hawk or a prey bird came around. Hawks and Owls are very smart they are learning to use the trees around bird feeders for great prey grounds. They pick off the sick and slow birdies and the squirrels and rodents that come for the goodies too, Dont worry birds wont over eat. Its winter its good to see fat or plump birds. If you dont want them there stop feeding them... simple. Birds, are creatures of habit.. once they know the foods there and its relatively safe, they wont leave. They wont go far and hang out in the bushes and forest around the house.... They will eat till the source is gone.

    Source(s): 9 Years being an Abuse/Neglect Officer, Animal control, Shelter Manager, Foster mother,and wildlife rehaber. Also breeder/owner of many diffrent types of animals for all my life.
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    Have birds at my feeder all the time and went away for a few days came back filled it up and did that before we left. No birds since I filled it again same food and all don't understand they loved it there why is this happening?

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    if the birds are still picking at food there still eating or bringing it back to their nest for later.....if u let ur feeder go empty u could loose the birds u like?

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    Once you start it its hard to keep the birds away...you have given them a source of food in lean times.....now they expect food....Its not that expensive...keep feeding them.....good luck

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