should I go after him for child support?

my daughters father has never paid child support, and never even got her anything. she is 4 and will be 5 in aug. He hasnt seen her in over a year and before he would only come visit her when he wanted sex from me. But i have cut him off from the sex and he hasnt came back around I even asked him to get her something for xmas last year of 05and he said he would if he had the money. I found out after my son passed away that he paid for himself and 4 of his friends to go to a slip knot consert which was 25.00 for each ticket, and he also got himself and those 4people hits of ectasy at 50.00 a pill that was right before xmas of 05, I was mad he couldnt even buy her a colouring book and crayons you know. he always has money to party but never for her I have the papers filled out I just havent turned them in . What do u think I should do. also I dont mind raising her own my own I can offord too I just dont feel its fair for her or me

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