Wiring a 480 Volt Intermatic Timer?

I just had a Intermatic 480 Volt timer installed on my pump. I purchased the timer and had it wired by an electricion but the timer clock doesn't turn and I am wondering if it is wired correctly.

The wiring diagram on the timer is very sketchy. It is an intermatic 480 timer to a three phase pump. Do hot legs go to both the clock terminal and the common terminal, and the load terminal go to the coil? I have 480 accross the clock and the common terminals so I think it should work, but the clock doesn't turn. Before I retrun the timer, I would like to know if this wiring seems correct. Should the common terminal on the timer have a 480 Volt hooked to it? Does that make the common connection; being that there is no neutral or ground with the 480?

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    The first thing to check is to see if the timer is a 480V timer.. There is , or should be a wiring schematic on the inside of the cover..I can't imagine that the clock motor would be wired for 208V..If all else fails get on the computer to the InterMatic co. and check with the manufacturer..

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    What is the model number of the timer? If it is a T7805B, the terminals should be labeled "A", "B", and 1 through 8.

    The A and B terminals are the clock motor terminals, and need 480V single pahse. Terminals 1, 3, 5, and 7 are "line in", and terminals 2, 4, 6, and 8 are "load".

    It's a 4-pole, single throw switch.


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    If it's what the instructions say to do then it's right. If not then no. If you don't have instructions then google it. Don't take chances. A mistake can cause other problems. Hope this helps. 'av'a g'day mate. '')

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