UFC and Pride Fighters, are they good martial artists?

OK....I've heard many people saying how good these mix martial artists are, so, I started watching UFC and Pride fights every so often. After looking over many of these mma fighters, a question popped into my head, do people really think that they're the "ULTIMATE" fighters? Because all I could see was too guys trying to hit as hard as they can to knock the other guy out, or endless groundfighting.... But, I couldn't see any good forms... Their kicks does not retrieve and are slow...... Their punches are basically a bunch of hooks and "HIT AS HARD AS THEY CAN". Yes, they may be really powerful with spectacular endurances, but what happened to the beauty of martial arts? These mma are only proving who lasts longer and who punches the hardest. Therefore, I wonder what all the martial artists out there think about this?


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    most of the UFC and Pride Fighters are not very good martial artists but they are good at their particular fighting sport. if you were put them in the ring with a very experienced martial artist e.g a sifu, 3rd dan+ etc in a skilled martial art e.g kung fu, then the sport fighter would probably not know what hit him. it may even be over in a mater of seconds.

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    I have to agree with a few of the other posters here. It sounds as though you put more weight on the look of the style rather than the affect of the style. This is a fast way to get an a$$ beating if you go into a fight trying to look pretty with your style. All that speed and grace won't mean much when you are taking out of your game by a true fighter. The whole idea in a fight is to win, be this by knock out submission or having the other guy quit. MMA fighters today are hardcore and are true martial artists. They not only practice and master their art, they use it against others in their sport.

    BTW in the early days there were a number of purists. Grace is one and he dominated until the other fighters began learning BJJ. He got beaten by a better more well rounded fighter, proving once again that MMA fighters must have more than one style. There were kung fuist in UFC for about a year and then they bowed out as they got beaten on a regular basis.

    I would say that Muay Tai and BJJ are the best styles, but you gotta back them up with styles that off set their weaknesses. In other words Muay Tai needs some ground game and BJJ needs striking.

    I suggest that you keep an open mind when watching MMA and realize that the reason you don't see some one looking all pretty with form in the cage/ring is cause the other guy isn't standing there letting him.

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    This is stupid! Do you think it's that easy to knock people out or break bones like as your teacher want you to believe? Do you really believe all it take to win is a single punch?

    Let me tell you something I'm a Muay Thai fighter. I have wrestled and box. It's extremely rare to see people knock someone out with single punch on first attempt. It usually take a few punches to set up for a knock out. I've took some incredible hard punches and kicks, include one that cause internal bleeding and I still keep going. I've seen other people recieve much worser. So if you believe a boxer, somebody who punches for living and put all focus on speed and power of punches doesn't hit as hard as martial artist, you're absolutely clueless. Muay Thai guys are known for having most powerful strikes around and no one dare to argue against that.

    Yet none of those two fighting arts base everything on win with a single punches. They use combos and set up to win. Why do you think they would do this if they can go and learn other style then come back to win titles and make a lot of moneys?

    Also do you really think everybody in Kung Fu, have high rank, etc... are a 100% angel? I'm sure there's many "renegades" out there whom would love to go in UFC or Pride and fight to win 100K and come home if it's actually that easy.

    If you're so good that you can win fight with single punches, why don't you go get in local MMA event and prove the wrong? If your current instructor refuse to do it, find a MMA coach and ask him if he'll coach you for one fight so you can see what it is like and test your theory out. I bet you won't do that because deep inside you know you're living in fantsany world where all fight end with single punches, people bounces off wall and spend hours fighting in air without touching ground, never got hit, etc...

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    welcome to what fighting is about.

    what do you think a real fight is like a choreographed jet li film?

    where people jump on wires and fly around before they fight?

    These guys train hard in thier respective arts and while there are things not permitted, it is 1000x better than doing a lesser level of training and not being able to fight in a random uncontrolled fight where things happen randomly and toughness and how hard you hit is a factor.

    If you can't use a martial art in an MMA situation, which is as close as you can get to it bieng a real fight so far, then how can you use it in a real fight.

    there is no "beauty" in martial arts, you are deluding yourself or have been deluded.

    Martial arts are about combat and fighting, spirituality was added later to help them sell or to justify practicing a martial art and learning to kill on the battlefield with religious and cultural beliefs about peace. The best example of this attitude is actually the crusaders and the knights templar.

    Martial Arts = the Arts of Mars (translated), Mars = the roman god of war. Any arts used to kill or battle your enemy is a martial art. Even though modern society has struggled with the teaching of techniques that are no longer the primary or even secondary mode of combat on the battlefield, they are still Martial Arts- originally designed to KILL you opponent.

    Society adds a "spiritual" and "disciplinary" or "health" component which may have been peripheral benefits or issues and places more importance on them than the originators of the styles initially did in order to justify and legitimize selling the knowledge of "how to fight" in our society. These things, while originally were rationalizaitons of violence and religion, or violence and spirituality which were necessary, Unarmed Martial arts that we study today (and weapon arts we have access to as civilians) are not necessary and don't need such rationilizations. Instead the rationalizations become the excuse to sell and take more of a center stage in the marketing.

    If you believe martial arts is a "beautifull" dance technique or katas, you are horrendously wrong.

    Martial Arts are first and foremost about fighting.

    EDIT: Truthfully most people who say MMA and ufc or pride is not a martial art and those who practice it are not martial artists are people looking for an excuse to not have thier sacred cows broken. They live in thier safe little world and make excuses to themselves that if silvia came into thier gym, that he would loose to thier teacher, or them. While I'm sure there are people out there that don't compete, who can, I highly doubt it is you or your teacher, especially if they are not training hard and realistic.

    While realistically, not everyone can do hard sparring to the degree or level that an amateur or pro do when prepping for a fight, it does teach you what it really feels like to take a hard punch. If you can't use your art under those conditions- conditions mind you, that will be present on the mystical "str33t", then all you have been studying is worthless. It doesn't matter how well you do against an opponent going half-speed, and using half-power and half-resistance, because that is not what someone will be doing in a real fight.

    EDIT2: The sooner we clean up this mass delusion, the better. If you don't think someone who goes out and actually fights and uses martial arts to fight is a real martial artist- then you, who train point sparring or any less level of training to fight than hard contact with MMA rules that they use are certainly not.

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    If they were not good martial artist you could take any black belt karate guy off the street and enter him in the UFC. If the MMA guys were not good then the blackbelt walks away with a couple 100K for winning.

    The truth is the average black belt in karate has very little chance of winning in MMA unless he broadens his martial arts and throws out the window some of his style points

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    The whole purpose of MMA is that no one style of fighting is better than the others so you have to know most if not all fighting styles to better yourself and have a chance. a boxer will not always beat a grappler, a submission fighter will not always beat a striker and the same goes vice versa. but A striker who knows, how to box, wrestle and has Jui jitsu skills has a way better chance. And most of the fights that come on TV are mostly people trying to knock each other out but that is mainly because they are under a contact and have to perform good and put on a good show on top of winning in order to get a good fight lined up for next time and sometimes they feel the crowd will like them and chear them more if they knocked someone out instead of making them Tap. Me personally, I like to see em' Tap

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    I don't think that you realize that all the things they do in the ring inluding "hitting as hard as you can" are martial arts, Hitting= boxing, kicking= kickboxing, muay tai, karate (watch a GSP fight he has crisp karate form with great leg and body kicks). takedowns= wrestling, jiu jitsu, judo. I've trained in boxing and wrestling so to see a takedown or someone throwing combonations I can see the technique in the things they do, watch Mark Coleman or Kevin Randleman take someone down it is d@mn near a pure wrestling takedown, or Jens Pulver and Chris Lytle throw textbook combos (Tim Sylvia has also has mastered the boxer's jab). So to say what you said is just ignorate and you obviously have never trained in any martial arts so you just see it as a fight, its like chess if you play long enough you begin to see the board differently.

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    You can't really compare MMA to other martian arts sparring.

    Let's say if a TKD guy gets in a fight with a MMA guy, TKD guy would basically kick and punch. However, MMA guy can not also punch and kick, but can also take them down and pound him.

    It is difficult to keep your martial arts style while fighting other forms.

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    Well, they have to give it a name like "ultimate" to glorify it in order to compete with real things( like martial arts). They are not as concerned as it may seem with kicks, (to kick correctly they would have to learn from martial arts anyway!) I think it may just be added for momentum and a balanced fight. Dont get me wrong these guys are tough and what they do is in no way easy, but my opinion would dissapoint one who believed these guys werent half a$$ing it when compared to martial arts, but than too many so called martial artists are half a$$ing the art too.

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