Angels and Demons: Matter/Anti-Matter?

Im reading angels and demons, and Im having a good time. Im not finished yet, but Im up to the part explaning, matter and anti matter.

Based on what is said of Anti matter, is it safe to assume there is an Anti version of yourself out there?


I dono, I think you guys science limits your ability to imagine. Im not sare of my anti self, and I would'nt really want to find him, just know he exists would be cool. I think when they "create" anti matter, its not new, I think it's taken from somewhere else.

I dont ever expect the ani-ver to to ever locate the universe, or vice versa. They cant co-exist in the same place. BUT, I agree that all energy is connected. And if there is an anti-you, I think you can atleast communicate with him in some way. I bet your subconscious, is actually the thoughts of the anti-you, and your thoughts are his subconscious.

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    It all depends. In the observable Universe, it is fairly certain there is no "anti-you." There is precious little antimatter in the observable Universe because it is instantly annihilated if it comes into contact with regular matter, and for some currently unknown reason he observable Universe became dominated by "regular" matter quite early.

    Now, if the Universe is Euclidean (a decent assumption given most recent data) and if the part outside of what we can observe is infinite, then it is not only likely, it is certain that there is an "anti-you." No matter how small the odds, in an infinite Universe, it happens...

    Of course, even if this is actually true, you will not ever be able to meet this "anti-you" (even assuming you could overcome that whole matter/anti-matter annihilation thing) because he would necessarily be too far from away from you to ever allow anything to traverse the distance, even light. So, don't worry, no bizarro you is going to come up and give you a mass annihilating hug any time soon.

    BTW - just a ntoe for Eugene above - the only reason there are no anti-oxygens and only anti-protons (by definition an anti-Hydrogen ion, BTW) and positrons is because they are so difficult to keep stable when near so much regular matter. There is no fundamental reason that we know of that anti-protons could not undergo fusion inside an anti-star and form anti-versions of all the elements we see here (assuming a few anti-supernova to fuse the heavier elements). It just isn't likely to happen anywhere in our part of the Universe - too much "regular" matter crowding the anti-matter out.

    "I think when they "create" anti matter, its not new, I think it's taken from somewhere else."

    Well, yeah, sort of. For one, you need to know what anti-matter is. Anti-matter is by definition identical to regular matter except the charges are reverse - i.e. anti-electrons (positions) have positive not negative charge and anti-protons have negative instead of positive charge. That is the only difference.

    Now, when we make anti-matter in paticle accelerators, we are actually just smashing together other particles at very high energy and grabbing the anti-particles that fall out of the explosion of particles released from the impact. These particles literally formed from the energy of impact - they were not "borrowed" from somewhere else.

    Now, the vacuum randomly creates particle/anti-particle pairs all the time out of literally nothing. These particles exist for vanishingly small amounts of time and are the cause of some interesting effects such as the radiation of black hole mass (Hawking Radiation). It is somewhat appropriate to say these particles are borrowed from "nothingness."

    "And if there is an anti-you, I think you can atleast communicate with him in some way. I bet your subconscious, is actually the thoughts of the anti-you, and your thoughts are his subconscious."

    I know this spiritual stuff makes people feel better, but the above makes absolutely no sense in what we know about physics as well as neuro-physiology. For one, no useful information can propagate faster than light without violating General Relativity and creating a whole lot of messy paradoxes (this is called the No Communication Theorem of quantum mechanics). If an anti-you actually exists, it would be in a region of space so remote that not only would you never be able to communicate with that "anti-you," no light from our space would ever have reached them or vice versa - it would simply be too far away.

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    Nope. There is a lot of matter in the universe but virtually no antimatter. There are no antimatter solar systems. Even if there was though, antimatter isn't like bizarro world. There wouldn't be an anti-you there that goes to 'play' by pushing their car are along the road and when they get there they get fired for not being late enough, but being fired actually means that they're hired.

    Source(s): In antimatter soviet union, you drive your car.
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    No it only holds true on a particle by particle basis and we have never found a region of antimatter in nature. It's created in particle accelerators and in cosmic radiation showers. There are no anti-oxygens. Only positrons and anti-protons.

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    no longer certain. if you're an organization believer of God being all efficient and all powerful, then Angles for sure, yet in case you've faith that God isn't all efficient, the Demons ought to win. (caution! tremendous paraphrasing ahead with ability out-of-the-*** speaking) in case you imagine about it, the demons on my own don't have sufficient would to defeat the angles, in view that they in trouble-free words have 1/2 of the numbers of the angles. yet in case you concentrate on each and every of the diverse human beings demons have corrupted, they'd actual stand a probability. With each and every of the souls which have forsaken God, they'd be able to overpower God, assuming those souls are all inherently evil, which i'd imagine is a no. maximum of those souls in all likelihood are of folk who purely believed in a diverse faith or opt for no longer to trust in some thing and are damned because of it. if that is the case, maximum who strive against would in all likelihood in trouble-free words be because of the actual undeniable reality that they are compelled to. yet that still would enhance their numbers very much, in all likelihood to compare or exceed the angles, assuming that a soul can experience the would of an perspective. notwithstanding, they would not get those souls until eventually after judgment day. lengthy tale short, Demons ought to win, yet in all likelihood no longer.

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