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Anyone remember DOS Bulletin boards and 9600bps modems....?

Early to mid 1990's, being addicted to DOS screens and ASCII text/Art.

Then came Mosaic and Netscape with this amazing thing called the internet and 14000bps modems cost a fortune.


Thsoe chat rooms. You got so addicted, yet so bored.

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    Yes, I do still remember DOS BBS and still play around with ASCII art to this day when I get bored.

    You had a high speed modem - mine was 2400bps!

    My first 'puter was and still is an MITS Altair 8800 kit that I built.

    I was using the Internet before it became the Internet - ARPANET, whew, am I dating myself - I'm older than dirt!

    In fact, I'm older than GATES!

    In fact I have been using Windows since Win 1.0...MS DOS 1.0 Netscape 1.0, Novell Netware 1.0, Banyan Vines 1.0, Lotus Notes 1.0, Internet Explorer 1.0, MS Office 1.0, Word Perfect 1.0.

    But I have graduated to the latest and greatest of all of these platforms and many many more, but is is interesting to see how far technology has progressed in so short of a time!

    My my, gosh, how time flies...!

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    yep, wasn't that the bomb! (or so we thought).

    I too was a basic programmer and used a microsoft compiler to make stand alone executions. b4 windows and even then it was 3.1! I still have all the floppy disks!

    You prolly also remember everyone and his brother made computers. Then the shake down began in let's say 85-86 and the field went down to like 4 or 5 major players. those were exciting times. Started out with a COCO and learned basic real well. my first real computer was a 286 @ 10mhz w/a 40 meg hard drive and I paid real good money for it.

    Actually the internet was already there, just military and universities had access to it.

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    Wow, that takes me back. I remember logging into PC-Link (which became AOL) with a 300baud modem! I also remember Prodigy, which was fascinating because of the graphics. I remember the modems being huge and long, and yes, they did cost a fortune. Whatever happened to Hayes, they made the best modem you could buy. I may still have my SmartModem 2400 around here somewhere...

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    How about a 150 baud (bps) acoustic coupler? And CP/M (an entire operating system in 4k of memory)!

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    I'm with ya. I used to write programs in Basic, if anyone remembers that!

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    Hmm. I remember when the transistor was invented.

  • Anonymous
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    ...and then came along Unix and Newsgroups...

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