Home network problem, windows networking wizard?

First, I'm gonna burn all my Windows discs if I cant get this fixed.

Here we go, there are 3 computers on our home network. All three laptops are connected to a router wirelessly. Everything was working fine until we decided to create a file sharing network. We ran the network setup wizard for all three computers, entered workgroup names and computer names, etc.

I can say nothing went well. After several restarts of all machines we could never get the file sharing working right. some computers couldn't connect to others and so on. Plus, our network is so incredible slow, it's worse than dial up.

Now we want to get rid of every instance of a shared network from our computer. I've searched all over and the only thing I can think of is re-install windows XP. We have already deleted the shared folders, changed the workgroup name, changed our compter names, uninstalled the Microsoft shared folders and printers under our wireless LAN settings.

if you need more info, ecolodge269@yahoo.com

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    Try running the network wizard again on one computer. From that computer, if you have a flash drive, when prompted insert flash drive to save settings generated from the first computer. Then, take the flash drive to setup the remaining computers.

    After you have successfully done that, you can setup file sharing.

    Source(s): setting up my own home network (2 comps, 1 wired, 1 wireless)
  • Is your router a lynksis? Go to lynksis.com and you can either chat live with a person or call 800 number. Any time I have had issues with any of their products their customer service was excellent and free. Hope this helps. And if it is a different brand of router.......try the same with that company.

  • 4 years ago

    to stay away from problems with seeing different desktops on the community via your router, that's what's occurring. One is seeing the different and vice versa. i'd truly propose utilising a go over cable. this would be a good purchase extra acceptable for purely connecting 2 computing gadget's to share archives. additionally prevents you from having to configure the desktops the comparable.

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    1 decade ago

    disable your LAN in my network places if u havent already.

    also, maybe uninstalling your network card would do something.

    or just removing it from your computer altogether if u dont need it.

    idk, try it

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