Car rental question for renting in Ohio???


I'm looking to spend a week or 2 in Ohio on and I would need to rent a car (I live in the UK)

Up to this point it is straight forward, however I'm am under 21 in age and since I live in the UK I would be a tourist over there.

I've never had a traffic violation on my license, I have my full license and been driving for 2+ years and I have never made a claim on my insurance or anything like that.

My problem is I can't find any companies that will rent me a car - I Understand why, it is because of my age and I'm a tourist and the insurance is so high.

Does anyone know of any companies that will rent a car out to a under 21 driver that is a tourist?

Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just seats and a steering wheel, preferably not a huge car but other than that, I'm flexible Anyone know of any companies????

Company names and website addresses wouldbe helpful.

I'll be in the Cincinatti/Dayon sort of area so if there are any local companies, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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    I live in this area, and, unfortunately, no car rental place in the US will rent to somebody under the age of 25 unless they pay a high insurance rate. Your problem is complicated by the fact that you are from the UK and they are afraid you may be a high risk. However, Cincinnati has shuttles from the airport to local places and very cheap public transportation to all the major areas. The other suggestions I have are illegal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not always easy renting a car if you're under 25. For the most part, the larger car rental companies will not rent to persons under 25 unless they are part of a corporate or organization's discount program. If you happen to be going to a busy airport like Los Angeles or Orlando, you can do well with local independents or specific franchise locations of national chains These companies may be scarce except at large airports. They usually have a minimum age policy of 21 with a very few allowing a minimum age of 18.

    On a "US Nationwide Level", your best bet for 21-24 rentals is either with Thrifty at most locations or Dollar or Alamo at many locations.

    Liabilities and insurance costs go up for rental car agencies when renting to those under 25. Companies that allow the "underage" to rent will usually pass this cost down to you in the form of a daily surcharge. This surcharge usually ranges from $5-$20 per day. The upside to all this is that those companies that will allow you to rent may also offer low basic rates!

    Check with any of those three names, Alamo, Dollar and Thrifty.

    Good luck.

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