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Looking for two different country songs.?

Looking for two different country songs. One song was about an older car someone purchased that had been owned by a soldier that died. In the song there was a wreck and the driver was pulled out by the sprit of the dead soldier.

The other country song was about a little girl that was in an bad home and she lost her parents one night I believe because they were fighting and she saw Jesus and he helped her that night.

I know its vague, but if you can help pleases do, thanks.

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    First song is David Ball-Riding with Private Malone

    and I think the other one is Martina McBride Concrete Angel or it could be John Michael Montgomery the Little Girl

    Hope you figure it out.

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    What Might Of Have Been There Two Groups Who Sang It Little Texas And Lonestar The Second Song Is Called Love Me. By Colin Raye Some People Call It If You Get There Before I Do Song But The Title Is Love Me

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    John Michael Montgomery sings "The Little Girl"

    and David Ball sings "Riding With Private Malone"

    I got this information from a longtime Country deejay

    Hope this helps

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    1- Riding with Private Malone? I think it is Malone, I have not heard it for some time. Not sure who sings it.

    2- The Little Girl- by John Michael Montgomery

    Edit- I don't think you are talking about Concrete Angel, same type of song, But I donn't think that is the right one.

    Little girl-

    Her parents never took the young girl to church.

    Never spoke of his name never read her his word.

    Two non believers walking lost in this world

    took their baby with them what a sad little girl.....

    Her daddy drank all day and mommy did drugs.

    never wanted to play or give kisses & hugs.

    She'd watched the tv and sit there on the couch

    while her mom feel asleep and her daddy went out

    And the drinking and the fighting

    just got worse every nite.

    Behind their couch she'd be hiding

    oh what a sad little life..

    And like it always does the bad just got worse.

    with every slap and every curse

    Until her daddys in a drunk rage one nite

    Used a gun on her mom and then took his life

    And some ppl from the city took the girl far away

    To a new Mom and a new Dad

    Kisses & Hugs every day!

    Her first day at Sunday school

    The teacher walked in

    and a small little girl stared at a picture of him....

    She said I know that man

    there on that cross I don't know his name

    but i know he got Off

    cause he was there in my old house

    held me close to his side....

    as i hid there behind our couch the nite my parents died......

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    The 2nd song you have mentioned is "The Little Girl" By John Michael Montgomery

    Good Luck

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    The first song is by David Ball its called *Riding with Sgt Malone* the second song is by John Micheal Montgomery and its called *The little girl*

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    David Ball

    Riding With Private Malone

    not sure about the second one...

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    I'm not positive but I think the one about the soldier is called "The Letter" don't know the artist.

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    man, i havent heard either of those songs in so long.... i think the david ball, and john michael answers are correct... good luck.. now u have me going crazy looking for them!!!1


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    It's pretty hard to answer that question because you basically just summarized every country song ever written. Oh, ceffer the one about the sex and barbecue sauce. Actually, the MILLION about sex and barbecue sauce.

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