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Do Liberals actually believe that "service sector" means McJobs or do they just think their audience does?

The "service sector" is about 80% of the economy, by GDP, and it includes all white collar workers. Most of the growth of this sector in the last five and the last twenty five years has been in technology and healthcare with some growth in legal and accounting/finance, mostly as a byproduct of the growth in technology.

We're not replacing manufacturing jobs with burger-flipper jobs. On the contrary we're financing manufacturing jobs with white collar jobs - the very "good, high paying jobs" that everyone says they want created. The problem - for some - is that ex-blue-collar types aren't qualified for the white collar jobs. They're also not concentrated in the rust belt. As a result, SOME laid off factory workers settle for 'McJobs' - but that's not where the growth is.

The Left take data that shows the "service sector" growing and from that spin this baseless myth that that means "McJobs."

Are they that stupid or do they think their audience is that stupid?

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    both....thats why we call them democrats and liberals...codewords for dummies who dont think or know how to read...they just regurtitate what their socialistic leaders tell them...and when they tell them to...

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    Mc Job is what a minimum wage job is called, not just burger flippers, but delivery people and unskilled labor. It would be helpful to remember that only 30% of the US graduates college which leaves 70% unable to qualify for the good white collar jobs you describe. Service sector jobs are those such as store clerks, secretaries, LPNs. So called 'pink' collar workers. White collar jobs, are held by 'men in suits' hence the white collar which will not be dirtied by the job. As the blue collar designated a man who works more with his body than his brain, By NO means does that indicate that the blue collar worker lacks a brain, but he may lack education. One reason workers haven't flocked to the heathcare professions is that you need the ability to work with and handle ill people and their most personal needs. Few office workers can handle that and so those jobs, with a low wage scale, difficult scheduling, and low pay to education levels, for some reason(?) go begging. And how do you change a steel-worker making $24.00 to a clerk making $8.00 an hour and not impact a society?

    Where I have used man please feel free to use woman too. I just find the endless he/she him/her to be distracting.

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    I don't think you have this right. Research reports that 850,000 service sector jobs have gone offshore since 2001, and some estimates say 14 million information-based jobs potentially can be sent to other countries. So it seems these "high paying white collar" jobs you speak of can be outsourced off shore to the lowest bidder. You better watch which party you support or you may end up with one of these "McJobs".

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    I have a great paying job in a sector that currently has 1 million more jobs than people to fill them, and that number is growing. I can go anywhere in the world and be qualified to do the same job. I will never have to worry for long about un employment. I am a burger flipping chef. So i guess we may be even smarter than you are...

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    Oh yeah. Those technology jobs have been just blowing up in the past five years. Except for outsourcing.

    You seem to have ignored that.

    Also, how long can this economy sustain itself buying products from other countries and basically send them our money for their goods.

    Liberal or conservative you can't possibly argue that getting rid of a manufacturing base is good for America, can you?

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    There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. You blithely dismiss the fact that many blue-collar workers are not qualified to do those white collar jobs. When factories are shut down what are these untrained workers to do? There are no funds for training and many cannot afford to retrain. So their only option is flipping burgers.

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    Liberals do think their audience is that stupid. And they're mostly right. The human herd is stupid, concerned with dominance games, resource competition, and mating. They spend their time watching TV soap operas and believing what they hear on the evening news. I mean, how dumb can you get?

    Mass democracy is an awful political system. It's admired because people think it's "fair," but it doesn't work well in practice. Democracy is like a spaceship whose navigation is being done by a bunch of chimpanzees. Since the planet they want to reach is over that way, the thing to do, obviously, is point the nose of the spaceship in the same direction and blast the rockets until all the fuel is gone.

    Just as the subtleties of celestial mechanics and the calculation of delta-vees are beyond chimpanzee minds, so to is guiding a nation on a prudent course beyond the minds of most people. Just as chimps should never be used as spaceship navigators, most people should not be allowed to vote.

    Human mediocrities, the average Joe, the common man, should want only to be led by leaders who value them, to be peasants in the land, honored by king and nobles as the source of their bread.

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    No matter what anybody may think, service sector jobs will only last until those buying the services realize they can do for themselves, cheaper, better and with more accountability.

    Those in your highly touted service sector jobs are as dispensable as used toilet paper. Those who think that replacing manufacturing with mediocre paper shuffling are the "stupid" ones.

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    why don't you prove your point with some statistics...

    basically don't tell me what's going on, prove it... because I haven't seen it... and I'm not in the rust belt...

    where is all this miraculous growth? maybe I should move there...

    and can a conservative EVER be civil for an entire question without calling liberals stupid? are any of you older than 12? or are you actually adults that just walk around calling each other names constantly?

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    So all jobs in the future will be either Financing or Service related.........How many people does it really take to blow the money of the McDonald's employee?

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    I would like for you to prove your silly statement!

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