Does the entertainers have deaths or birthday?

Does the entertainers have deaths or birthday including Mike Douglas?

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    List of people who died on their birthdays

    Evaristo Abaco, 67, Italian composer

    John Allegro, 65, British archaeologist

    Michael Aris, 53, husband of Aung San Suu Kyi

    Bunny Austin, 94, British tennis player

    Johann Ambrosius Bach, 50, German musician and father of Johann Sebastian Bach

    John Banner, 63, Austrian actor (best known as "Sergeant Schultz" in Hogan's Heroes)

    Sam Bass, 27, U.S. outlaw

    Sidney Bechet, 62, U.S. jazz musician

    Ingrid Bergman, 67, Swedish actress

    Corrie ten Boom, 91, Dutch writer

    Billy Boucher, 59, ice hockey player

    Giuseppina Bozzachi, 17, Italian ballerina who created Delibes' "Coppelia"

    Marcel Broodthaers, 52, Belgian artist

    Sir Thomas Browne, 77, English author

    Constantine Cavafy, 70, Greek poet

    Andrew D. Chumbley, 37, Occultist and writer

    Sergiu Cunescu, 82, Romanian politician

    Walter Diemer, 93, American inventor of bubble gum

    Sir Kenelm Digby, 62, Ben Jonson's literary executor

    Etienne Dolet, 37, French scholar

    Mike Douglas, 81, American talk-show host and entertainer

    Allen Drury, 80, American novelist

    Elizabeth of York, 37, consort of Henry VII of England

    Florbela Espanca, 36, Portuguese poet

    María Félix, 88, Mexican Actress

    Betty Friedan, 85, feminist leader and author

    Bucky Harris, 81, U.S. baseball player

    John Harrison, 83, developed and built the world's first successful maritime clock

    Gabby Hartnett, 72, U.S. baseball player

    Walter Haworth, 67, British Nobel Prize-winning chemist

    Henry I, King of Portugal, 68

    Josué Jéhouda, 74, Zionist writer

    St John of God, 55, Spanish saint

    Hugo Junkers, 76, German engineer

    Kamehameha V, King of Hawaii, 42

    George "Machine Gun" Kelly, 59, U.S. gangster

    Namik Kemal, 48, Turkish playwright and poet

    Otto Kruger, 89, American actor

    Lawrence of Brindisi, 60, Italian friar

    Johnny Longden, 96, British-born U.S. jockey

    King Mongkut of Thailand, 64

    Bob Moose, 29, U.S. baseball player, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates

    Levi Morton, 96, Vice President of the United States

    Filinto Müller, 73, Brazilian politician

    Lawrence Oates, 32, British polar explorer on the Scott expedition

    Edna May Oliver, 59, U.S. actress

    Yasujiro Ozu, 60, Japanese film director

    Bert Patenaude, 65, soccer player, scored the first ever World Cup hat-trick

    Flor Peeters, 83, Belgian organist

    Jean Piccard, 79, Swiss-American scientist and balloonist

    Pompey the Great, 58, Roman general

    Michael Praetorius, 50, German composer

    Raphael, 37, Italian painter

    Lloyd Richards, 87, theatre director

    Frieda von Richthofen, 77, wife of D. H. Lawrence

    Swede Risberg, 81, U.S. baseball player

    Jilly Rizzo, 75, member of the Rat Pack

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., 74, son of the U.S. President, congressman

    Bidhan Chandra Roy, 80, Chief Minister of West Bengal

    Joe Tinker, 68, U.S. baseball player

    Nathaniel Parker Willis, 61, American author

    Humbert Wolfe, 55, British poet

    Ashikaga Yoshinori, 47, Japanese shogun

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