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How Many Times Would McDonald's stock split in 20yrs?

I would like to know how many times would a stock like McDonald split in 20yrs. It seems that its such a old company that they dont make money, because the stock hardly makes and moves. Thanks

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    I would estimate MCD will split 2x in the NEXT 20 years.

    I base this on the following:

    MCD has split 3 times in the past 20 years and and 6 times in the 20 year period prior to that. So the pace of splits is slowing.

    However, MCD is close to breaking out to NEW all time highs.;...

    I would expect another split as it approaches 100 in the next few years and then 1 more split before 2027.

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    stocks usually split because they want to keep the share price under $100. There is no value to a split, it splits because it is doing good. It doesn't do good because it splits.

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    In case you aren't aware of this, there's no real benefit to shareholders when a stock splits.

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