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why are people in India and Pakistan still contracting leprosy?

sad to hear their stories. i was helping some lepor children in india and pakistan. why wont these governments of these countries provide these people with some treatment?

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    Pakistan has a GDP of about 100 billion dollars- (compare that to several trillion for the US, or to put it in better perspective, the total amount of money the country generates annually is equivalent to Bill Gates’ Warren Buffets’ and Michael Dell's fortune)

    Of this tiny amount, 50 percent goes strait to the defense budget. Why? Well because the president of the country has to protect himself and others from a small percentage of radicals that threaten to cause everyone problems but more so it’s because Uncle Sam has directed the president to take a strong initiative in these matters. Of course the situation hasn’t been any different over the past 50 years ever since Pakistan gained Independence because they have been at war with India over Kashmir. The issue is that India is over 10 times the size of Pakistan (in terms of population, GDP and military strength), so holding off such a large threat has forced the government to spend these ridiculous amounts on defense.

    Well where does that leave everything else? After salaries and other expenditures the social and health sectors get a few percent each. 1 billion dollars of resources allocated over a hundred and sixty million people. That’s $7 a person per year in a country where 40% of the people live below the poverty line about half of which don’t have access to clean drinking water and you ask why people are still contracting leprosy?

    Gives you some food for thought next time you decide to go vote.

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    it may be solid for them the two and the region. The custom languages and custom of human beings of northern Indian and Pakistan are frequently same. yet there are problems: a million. Political greed for containing efficient positions, this replace into the main suitable clarification for partition interior the 1st place. besides the undeniable fact that, on the time of partition Indian subcontinent had much less kind of human beings knowledgeable at worldwide point, and those human beings held intense positions. 2. Pakistani singular faith state has made them greater illiberal of alternative religions, in assessment to Indian muslims. 3. Western forces will possibly no longer choose peace between 2 else the region will flourish. that's why Taliban , ISIS Al-Qaida and so on flourish on the backhand help of west. 4. financial ameliorations now would make reunion harder. What can initiate besides the undeniable fact that, is breaking down obstacles between 2 via controlled loose commerce, controlled short term and long term migration of paintings rigidity, mutual help to enhance the two international places, and simplicity of visas, or visa loose entries.

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    Part of the answer has to do with poverty in the area, and old traditions of bathing in the same nasty dirty water that the dead were just cremated on. Another part of the problem has to do with stigma against lepers. A third part of the problem has to do with an ineffective can five years just to get all of the permits needed to open up a business, and even then your business might still fail because you were refused the government permit needed to get water or power to your business.

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    Maybe they need better leaders or they need more financial help from other countries to treat leprosy on these countries.

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