What is better to make a web application using database (a project management system): JSP or PHP?

The project is actually a web based project management system with bug tracking. Id like to know the pros and cons of using PHP/JSP - the two alternatives available to me. The database used is Oracle. Also would using AJAX be a good idea?

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    PHP would very likely be better, just because it's simpler and more flexible. JSP (and other Java solutions) are somewhat useful if you're doing a lot of integration with Java or XML. If you know any Python, Django is a great choice, and for Ruby there's Ruby on Rails.

    JSP requires a lot more work to get started so it's not so well suited to small project. Actually, it's not particularly suited for a large project either -- a MVC framework like Struts would probably work better in that case, if you're dead set on using Java. For PHP, you'll probably want to use a templating system like Smarty for larger projects to keep the code and HTML separated.

    AJAX is useful in moderation. The site should be designed so it's usable without AJAX or even Javascript.

    Source(s): Experience: About three weeks of writing JSP for a class -- it's much more annoying to work with than PHP. http://smarty.php.net/ http://www.djangoproject.com/
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    Better is JSP but easier is PHP. As you are using Oracle as your database and want to use AJAX too, use PHP as it has support to all these like JSP but in easier manner. In my last semester when I was working on a project of the same kind, I was in the same confusion. I finally used PHP and it was better and easier.

    You're welcomed for help if you're developing it in PHP.

    See You Soon.

    Regards ; )


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    You should define the task with as little programming as possible.

    By that I mean, simple ajax calls to simple php/perl/python/ruby or what ever... not java.

    they are both open source... but php programmers are more cost effective and their code will run without layering millions of dollars on the infrastructure! (Yes I had a java project that required over a million dollars for the expertise and hardware!)

    You will find html/css designers are a dime a dozen for the normal stuff. Back end programmers are more expensive, and dba are worth there weight in gold.

    Even if you are wearing all hats today... you won't tomorrow!

    Spend the time to learn sql, and ajax technologies.

    How will your software differentiate itself from bugzilla? It does much of what you discussed, but has a primitive front end.

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    Being open source makes PHP best choice.

    You can twist , turn and play even with the source and make something of your own choice and requiremets.

    You will find hundreds of references on PHP, sites, books and resources can help you more in PHP than in any other.

    My choisce" Always PHP "

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    SQL-Structure Query Language is the best used in database

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    Yes, by looking at better places than here.

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