What are the seasons in Israel?

Israel lies in the middle latitude region or in the temperate zone(in the globe).Places in the Temperate Zones usually have four seasons, summer, winter, fall, and spring...


Does the country of Israel experience SNOW?

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    Israel is divided to three main climates:

    *Mediterranean climate (center and north of Israel): hot and dry summer, unstable transition seasons and rainy cold winter (sometimes even snowy).

    *Wilderness climate (the northern part of the Negev, the south): dry climate, 200-400 mm of water per year.

    *Desert climate (south of Israel): very dry climate (less than 200 mm of water per year), flooded in the rains at winter.

    We have four seasons in Israel, but they are a little different than the classic four seasons.


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    Uhh i think you answered your own question. Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring.

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    summer and winter.Summer is very hot and winters mild.Like in Houston tx.

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    Outgoing and Incoming (rockets that is)

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