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Why are live broadcast television shows like the Grammy's on tape delay in the Pacific Time Zone?

Networks will broadcast sporting events live, but shows like the Academy Awards, Grammy's, etc. are always taped delayed 3 hours in the Pacific Time Zone. Since there are millions of viewers in this time zone, is this fair to them? Should the networks make concessions for special shows like this in the West?


Maybe a little clarification is needed. I understand the 5 or 6 second delay used to censor unwanted material. What I want to know is the reasoning behind a three hour delay. Why is it OK to broadcast it live in the Eastern Time Zone, the Central Time Zone, and the Mountain Time Zone, yet it is not OK to broadcast in the West. Who was the "genius" behind this 3 hour delay, especially on a Sunday when most people are not stuck in rush hour traffic.

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    I hate this it sucks!!, but what do you do with a 3 hour time difference.

    Certain shows just simply cannot be shown at 5pm PST when it is 8PM EST because of content and potential issues for a family audience.

    What really annoys me, is how sometimes they portray it as a live broadcast, when it was issued live but recorded (and I am sure edited) for the West Coast Audience.

    Unlikely to change, but I think things like the Oscars and possibly the Grammy's should be shown altogether, otherwise you can go on the net and find out every one who has won before it happens!

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    Does it really cause problems for people? I don't see why it is a big deal. They just want to be able to censor it before it goes onto live TV.

    Musicians and Actors at these award things always seem to have something shocking and inappropriate to say, so the channels want to make sure they don't have to take the punishment for something a loud mouth rapper wants to carelessly say or gesture. Is it really that bad to do such a thing?

    I dont think so, not on regular TV airwaves at least.

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    They are all on some type of time delay thanks to Janet Jackson's boob event and such. This way they have time to edit those things out before they air on television and cause them millions in fines.

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    Cuz sportfans are die hard! And the east coast wussies won't stay up late to watch the grammy's from LA.

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