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Was Bill Snyder one of best coaches the during his time?

He had to have been atleast during K-State's run to being a college football power house.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have you seen the history of k-state football before Bill Snyder came in. He was a powerhouse and everyone knows it.

    Plus even if he wasn't a great coach everyone respects him because he came to the worst school in the nation and brought them up to be a decent one, and even more than that he did it respectfully not by cheating.

    He's a class act always wearing a suit and tie and treating everyone like they can achieve whatever they want, thats why he did so well at k-state because our football players wanted to be treated like men not like little kids.

  • 1 decade ago

    Year Overall (Conf./place) Bowl Game

    1989 1-10 (0-7/8th) None

    1990 5-6 ( 2-5/6th) None

    1991 7-4 (4-3/4th) None

    1992 5-6 (2-5/6th) None

    1993 9-2-1 (4-2-1/3rd) Copper

    1994 9-3 (5-2/3rd) Aloha

    1995 10-2 (5-2/2nd) Holiday

    1996 9-3 (6-2/3rd N)^ Cotton

    1997 11-1 (7-1/2nd N) Fiesta

    1998 11-2 (8-0/1st N) Alamo

    1999 11-1 (7-1/1st N) Holiday

    2000 11-3 (6-2/1st N) Cotton

    2001 6-6 (3-5/4th N) Insight

    2002 11-2 (6-2/2nd N) Holiday

    2003 11-4 (6-2/1st) Fiesta

    2004 4-7 (2-6/5th N) None

    2005 5-6 (2-6/6th N) None

  • 1 decade ago

    As far as being a builder of a downtrodden program? The answer is a resounding yes. He was practically a modern day Lazarus. Kansas State was a laughable program and he built it up with astute player development and a reliance on junior college players (the academic requirements at Kansas State are not exactly challenging, so this approach made a lot of sense).

    Coach Prince was able to pull elite QB Josh Freeman from rival Nebraska, but it remains to be seen wheteher the Wildcats can ever approach their glory of just a few years prior.

  • 1 decade ago

    Good coach poor scheduling. Too many creampuffs equals poor standing amongst pollsters. Seemed to lose every season to 1-2 teams that were obviously far superior. This is my version and belief and I'm sticking to it. Just look at who they played and the results specifically when it came bowl time. Look at the quality of the Big-12 which has never been even from top to bottom. Oklahoma Nebraska, and Texas...and then everyone else.

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