Cold air filters and Vortex air generators ?? do they work.......?

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I see these advertised, a little round unit with these fins you put in the air intake pipe of the air filter and was wondering if anyone know anything about these. They claim to more
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A Cold Air Intake or CAI is usually one of the most bang for your buck and first upgrades anyone does to a car. It will improve performance by about 10-15 horsepower on that car. The kit will eliminate the useless plastic restrictions in your air intake system with a cone style filter and move the filter to an area where it can avoid heated air from the engine. The colder air combined with increased air flow will increase mileage and horsepower noticeably. The only downside, if you consider it one, is you will hear the engine sucking air and it will be louder. The pieces that these kits remove are put there by the manufacturers to reduce noise and power. The Vortex devices do nothing but add a new unnecessary restriction.


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Thanks for the great info.
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  • startrektosnewenterpriselovethem answered 7 years ago
    I do not know about cold air
    I put a vortex in my car - 1991 olds station wagon and it reduced the fuel efficiency by 15% - luckily it was warrantied to work and I got my $50 back.
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  • webgeek answered 7 years ago
    Think of it this way - If they worked, the car manufacturers would have already used them in their systems. The concept sounds good but real life numbers don't prove they work. Cold air intake will certainly give a boost in power due to lower restriction. However, be careful as to where you position them or they could suck in water and
    road splash.
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