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Place to visit in France other than Paris ?

I'm planning a holiday in spring and I'm thinking, after seeing Paris and surroundings, it may be nice to visit another place for a couple of days. Any recommendations/ideas?

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    Loire Valley would be my first choice too, but if you have time, try to include Mont St. Michel ( and St Malo in this trip too!

    Do you include trips to nearby Fontainebleau, Sceaux, Versailles in your Paris plans?

    I also like Alsace, which is quite different from other French regions. It has its own "route des vins" (

    If you come in March and if you're lucky, you might catch some skiing in French Alpes. On your way there stop by in Lyon - a culinary capital of France!

    And we didn't even talk about Bordeaux region, Cote d'Azur, Champagne, Normandy (Dinard, Honfleur)

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    It totally depends on how much money you're left with... The closest thing worth doing in my opinion would be to go to Normandie/Picardie. It's pretty close to Paris and there's a lot of history there especially with both WW... And in Amiens (Picardie), there's the highest Gothic cathedral in Europe...

    If you have a little more money, I would say go to the east of France, Strasbourg is a really great city and if you go there, you'll see that it's very different from Paris (not that the other regions aren't). The east of France is very beautiful and the culture there is real different, you'll find things parisiens don't even know exist!

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    Well that's a huge question for a hugely culturally rich country in just a couple of days. Do you like scenery, architecture, history, museums , art galleries , food , wine , nature , activities , events .... and so on . France is diverse.

    But perhaps the biggest thing you have indicated is time, so going to the south of France or the Pyrennes, Alpes. Bordeaux , Strasbourg is going to be harder. Anyway here's some tips with pictures an prices:


    Accommodation in France


    Car Hire

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    It essentially depends on the way you will travel. You can reach either the Loire Valley, Normandy or Burgundy by train and make visits in towns there.

    If you rent a car, you will have more opportunities to visit places around Paris. There are plenty of things to see in Ile de France, but many of them are not accessible or difficult to reach using public transportation.

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    There still should be cheap buses between Barcelona and Montpellier, and Aix-en-Provence - two gorgeous cities in the very south of France - dream places - Lyon is also a beautiful city, and food +wines there are among the best in the world - even small bistros propose "day dishes " plats du jour, which you can order with a glass of beaujolais - yummiiiee and baguette à volonté - But it's further - considered your HQ Barcelona Don't ever go to Marseilles, Narbonne, Carcassone Nice is very far from Barcelona - very expensive - and much pro and contra Sorry people but you should speak about things such as they are realizable - spanish trains cannot go on european standard railways - if you're in Barcelona you cannot have ANY train going to Toulouse - but you very easily can go with the french TGV-train * or cheap buses between Montpellier and Aix en Provence + maybe Avignon t- Toulouse is a horror compared to those jewel-cities * because french settled european TGV standard railways especially on the line gong from Barcelona to Montpellier Avignon and Lyon - still want a spoonful ?

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    Congratulation to You who reallised that there is more to France than Paris but please don't be the kind of person that thinks that there is only the Cote d'Azur after that.

    France is such a beautiful and many splendoured country.

    Go and visit Strasbourg and see the wonderful cathedral and hear it breathe softly its secrets and legends in your ear, Human Rights palace and European council. Drive along the Route des Vins, see medieval castle in Haut Koeningsbourg.

    Promenade hand in hand with your lover in the petite France

    Meet great people and come back for Xmas.

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    Try the Champagne region -- Epernay, for example, or Reims. It's been years since I was there as an exchange student from Paris, but I remember it being a great place to get away from the bustle of Paris.

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    Not far from Paris it's the Loire Valley, which has beautiful castles. You can take a train (1 hour to blois), from there, take a bus.

    Also you could stay at Amboise and go to Chenonceau.

    i did a weekend there. Rented a bike to go from amboise to chenonceau. I took a bus tour from blois to chambord and blos castles

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    - Loire Valley is a good idea

    - Normandy is close to Paris and is nice !

    - Champagne = too gloomy

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    try to go to provence, st tropez in the south of france, lyon, and marsilles

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