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free template for musical cd inserts?

I have been given 75 musical cd's for the 1950's thru the 1960's... but the song listings are handwritten and difficult to read. I need a simple template/form that I can type on and print out for the cd cases. Thank you!

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    Word has a few of them from Avery & I think you can download something from Avery's website too.

    Open a blank Word document and go to tools. Then, create labels (this option will vary depending on your version so look for mail merge or labels). Even though you're not creating stickers, the option is still under labels. Once you have the label menu up, you can select the template. If you go to an office supply store and get the printable cards, there will be a number on them and you just look for that in the list. If you are going to cut them off card stock, you will have to go through the choices and find a template you like.

    You won't get lines on them or have a form. You just type in the designated area as if it were a blank document (you might need to turn "gridlines" on to see the box) and format accordingly.

    Hope that helps.

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