What kind of graas seed do I need and when do I put the seed down?

I live in the KC Metro area and I have two big trees in my front yard so the grass does not get a lot of sun. I moved in August 2006 and the front yard has several spots without any grass at all. The former home owner obviously neglected the lawn care and I want to make it look nice, greener and thicker.

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    Seed when all dangers of frost are gone.Here is some good info..



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    You may need to cut the tree down and plant something else if the roots are taking over that area and sucking up all the water. If it is a really big tree I would plant shrubs under it and fill in with mulch. In your area I would use buffalo grass. This type of grass is really drought resistant, which in the midwest plains, would be a good idea to plant. Plant in the summer. You can start from seed or sod. It requires less mowing, always a plus, and forms a thick sod. You would need to till the soil and do some bed preperation.

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    First of all Melissa D doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. If your front lawn doesn't get much sunlight, chances are you'll be fighting an uphill battle to grow grass no matter how often you tend to it. Maybe try paying a tree service to cut limbs for added sunlight. I'm guessing the midwest has bluegrass lawns? I'd lay sod before trying to seed your lawn. Good luck.

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    Best times to seed is spring or fall. The home improvement stores offer various types of grass seed. Read the packages and make a decision that works for you. Personally I like KY blue grass.

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    The best grass that you can use is St. Augustine, but it takes a while to grow. If you want quick, good looking results use centipede grass. It will grow in fast and can be mixed with the St. Augustine. Make sure that you fertilize it in the spring to help it grow.

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    b4 snow fall is the best time to put grass seed down. check with local nursery about part/shade grass seed. good luck glad to see that you care about how your yard looks

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    Certainly not the kind my neighbour has, I looked out the front window a little while ago and there were 3 kangaroos eating the new shoots where he had seeded his lawn.

    cheers from Australia

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