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Directions to hotel in Paris?

I am going to be staying at a hotel on Boulevard St. Marcel off of Ave. des Gobelins in Paris and was wondering how the heck do I get to that point from Charles de Gaulle Airport? Thanks for any help! :-)

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    You have 3 reasonable choices. My fav is a taxi, but I travel with a wife and son. I definitely recommend a taxi for your return to CDG b/c you need to be there at a certain time. Public transportation is less than reliable. Ask the Concierge to call a taxi the evening before departure. Taxi driving time is 50 minutes. Plan on a 55 Euro fare, plus a modest tip.

    You can take the RER suburban rail line from the airport terminals to Gare du Nord on the north side of Paris. You will need to transfer to the Metro at Gare du Nord. However, you should not worry b/c Gard du Nord is the terminus for the Eurostar trains from Central London, so there are many people asking for help.

    You need to contact the hotel for the specific Metro stop nearest to them. It is easy to use email. Tell them you will arrive Gare du Nord and how do you get there by Metro. In general, hotel staff in Paris have been trained in the UK and they will help you in English. When speaking by phone, it is always polite to say, "Parlez-vous Anglais?" (you say, parlay vooo onglay?) The typical response will be, "Yes, of course, how can I help you?"

    Your 3rd reasonable choice is the Air France bus from the baggage claim area to the Arc de Triumphe. The problem here is the bus drops you along the curb at an enormous traffic circle. From there you hop into a local taxi and you need to know exactly where you are going. Many of these local drivers are Arab and don't speak English very well. Have the address on a note!

    Bon Voyage!

    Source(s): I have been there many times and tried all these methods. I still prefer a taxi.
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    This should help put you in the general direction, I picked it up of a hotel description for directions to Ave des Gobelins on cheaperthanhotels Paris:

    From Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport:

    RER line A: alight at Denfert Rochereau, take metro line 6 towards Nation, alight at Place d'Italie, change to line 7 towards la Courneuve, alighting at Place Monge (2 minutes from the hotel).

    The hotel described was a different one per the link below:

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    Find out which metro station is closest to the Hotel. (Ask the hotel, find out from their web site or ask the travel agent).Then find out which Metro line the station is on. Once you know, it's then quite easy. http://www.paris.org/Metro/

    Once you're out of the customs, look for directions for the bus that will take you to the terminal where the train station is. There are several buses, so get on the right one. http://www.paris-cdg.com/index.html

    The ticket sellers at CDG airport all speak english. NB. The ticket sellers on the rest of the Metro don't. Get a Paris return and a ticket for the metro. Check for transport packages, if you land on a Sunday you can get a weekly ticket, cheaper and easier then a hand full of tickets. Check you're travel guide for more info.

    Catch the train from CDG into Paris. From memory, you get off at Gard du Nord and from there you get onto the appropriate Metro Line, get off at the station and walk to the hotel.

    Do yourself a favour and get a Guide for Paris. There are some great ones around, other than Lonely planets. If you've got time, learn a little bit of French, a little bit goes a long way.

    Great place Paris! Enjoy your trip.

  • What we did, as non French speakers in PAris, was print out a notecard size piece of paper with the name and address of the hotel we wanted to go to. Then we printed multiple copies of this for using when we ventured out and needed to get a taxi back to the hotel.

    Then we also printed out the names and addresses of other places that we might want to visit by taxi, including the train station and the airport. Each time we entered a taxi we handed the driver the slip of paper. No need to speak french. We did the same in Spain. Many times the Taxi drivers do not speak English or your native language so this way they know exactly where you want to go. Also, in some countries the street, subway and bus signs are not in English and that makes it hard to use public transportation unless it does not involve a transfer from one train/bus to another.

    Source(s): It worked for us.
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    Enter http://www.ratp.fr

    There you will have two text boxes with arrivée (arrival) and départ (depart). Write in the depart "Aéroport Charles de Gaulle" and in the arrival, your hotel address.

    The site will tell you the route.

    You need to understand a little french, as the instructions are in french

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    ought to get a taxi, because it really is out-of-city slightly, yet you are able to also hop on the RER B (blue line) and get off at Luxembourg (the best after Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame), then walk to the inn :) that's not very far and quite some travelers get round that way! Google maps and analyze of the RER may also help you get acquainted with this, and take a map to discover your thanks to the inn! Oh and in case you quite won't be able to stroll that far you will get off on the Notre Dame station and onto the metro M4 pink line (route to Porte d'orleans) and get off at Saint Placide. i wish this helps, once you have not in any respect taken the RER or Metro earlier do examine up now - you should apply them throughout your stay besides :)

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