Is there a male equivalent to a Dowager Queen?

For instance, the Queen Mother, in addition to being the mother of a reigning monarch (hence that title) was also a Dowager Queen because she was the widow of George VI. Would there be an equivalent for Prince Philip should Queen Elizabeth II die first?

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    He would remain Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and continue to hold all of his titles except Consort.

    The Queen Mother was a Consort Queen to her husband and held no power; Prince Philip was created Duke of Edinburgh and holds no power. They did not inherit their titles, they gained them on marriage. If he were King, there would be no argument, as on his death his child would automatically become King or Queen: "The King is dead, long live the King/Queen".

    See below for who would inherit his title upon his death.

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    It has never happened before in British history, as far as I know, so there is no precedent set for what Prince Philip would be called should the Queen die. He is not a king, because under British law the female takes the rank of the male in a marriage, but if the female has a higher rank, then her husband is not able to take that rank. That is why he is referred to as Prince and not King. So I do not think that he would have a dowager title, he would simply stay as HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh for the rest of his life.

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    No. Sorry.

    The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsor) women just live ungodly long lives. The Queen Mother was over 100, Queen Mary was near 90, and Queen Alexandra outlived her husband and before her Queen Victoria outlived hers by almost 5 decades. Trust me, Queen Elizabeth will put him in the ground, even with her work schedule. He alone has over 380 government appointments a year, such as charities, etc., so he keeps very busy every day. So does Her Majesty. With her Mother, grand mother, great grand mother and great great grandmother all living so long, I doubt she's going anywhere soon. And they all had their faculties up till the time they died. Must be nice.

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    You would think there must be, but I don't think the question has come up in all of British history, becuse all reigning Queens have outlived their husbands or didn't have one (except William & Mary, but they were co-rulers, so he was always the King). Wait, no, Mary the First's husband outived her, but he became King of Spain and left England, so there was no need to give him an official designation..

    Very interesting question....I think he would stay Prince Phillip, because there would be no other prince who you could get him confused with.

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    What Is A Dowager

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