America the land of the free and immigrants is changing fast. So do u feel like u should learn Spanish?

There is not such thing as American Culture.... We are a mixing bowl of cultures standing out the Mexican-Latino-Hispanic-Aztec Culture divided itself in many other subcultures...

Comprendes mendez?


Spanish is an European language.

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    I think learning a different language is always a good thing! It opens your mind and you can communicate with a lot more people....

    But I refuse to learn another language because I am forced because others immigrate here illegally and will not learn English! If they don't respect the fact that Americans speak English and don't bother to learn English, then why should I adjust?

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    1 decade ago

    I can tell your a very young person and really have not studied your American history closely .

    To be an American , is not a culture . We have brought through the history of this Great Nation the things that make us the people we are today .

    True most of our ancestors were from other countries . but they were coming here because of an idea and to assimilate into this country and to become an American .

    They were proud to speak English , to learn Americans History , to live by the Constitution , to fight for their new country and to have the freedom of ideas. There are traditions in this country that hold us together as a people , among them are our belief in the Constitution , our Flag , The Declaration of Independence ,The Bill of Rights.

    If you had bothered to read the American's Creed .

    We are held together as a Nation by a Creed and our Ideas of what this country meant to our forefathers and why they died for it , and us .

    There is no , American Culture that holds this Nation together .

    America is a Creed Society .

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    Promoting/aiding/abetting illegal immigration is worth billions to the country of Mexico, and their supporters, legal or otherwise, in America. Billions. Tens of billions, maybe more than that, suffice it to say it's very lucrative. Decades of systematic corruption and promotion of very liberal and tolerant attitudes have built the foundation upon which this entire farcical circumstance resides,

    suffice it to say that cross-border problems related to money have caused no end of grief between the United States and Mexico, and peoples' patience as well as the rhetoric to which we're repeatedly exposed on this issue are wearing paper-thin.

    Mexico needs to stand up and declare its' independence, once again, but this time from the North American Union supporters as well as the business types that have no qualms about wrecking either mexican or american society. More mexican citizens need to do things that'll amend the situation, as do american citizens, by refusing to conduct unlawful commerce, stopping the drug trade, and laying the facts on the table as regards the entire issue. Mexico could have been a prosperous, independent, fully functional country years and years ago, but only now are they starting to realize it, and seek better answers to chronic problems like crime.

  • C J
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    1 decade ago

    Let's reverse this situation for a moment, shall we?

    If Americans were to mass immigrate to Mexico, would the Mexican people change their whole culture and begin speaking English? I doubt that seriously. I'm sure there would be Mexican people who would attempt to know both languages so they could communicate with those coming into their country, but I don't see that on any mass scale.

    The same with America. Americans are not going to change their culture because we have Latin immigrants coming here. It is up to them to adapt to OUR culture if they choose to live here. Of course we will be respectful of their culture, we're not asking them to toss it all out the window just because they choose to immigrate to the United States.

    If I recall, Americans descend from many cultures. That's what makes us so unique.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There IS such a thing as "American" culture. Of course you probably don't think that way because you see yourself as a Mexican-American, or a Spanish-American, etc., etc. Then pardon me for pointing out that I was born and raised in the U.S., so I guess that makes me an American-American .. and yes, I have my OWN culture. If you can't assimilate into MY culture, please do an about face and go back from whence you came.. Understand?

  • N K
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    America is a land of the free and a country build on immigrants and immigration but I do not feel that I nor anyone else should HAVE to learn Spanish. I can understand people immigrating to the United States for better opportunities or whatever, but that dosen't mean that they shouldn't learn the lanuage of that country that they move into. Also if we change that we have to learn Spanish that's just telling immigrants more that they don't have to learn English, which they should, I think if you are going to move or immigrate to a country you should learn that language. I mean think about it if you or I were to move to Japan is Japan going to change it language to English? Or if a large group of Koreans move to Germany is Germany going to change it's language to Korean? No. Besides this it becomes an issue of favoritism due to the amount of immigrants onto that certain group of immigrants. By making people have to learn Spanish because of the large amounts of immigrants in the country, is being biased to other immigrants, there are Korean, Vietnamese, German, Russian, African, etc immigrants in this country as well. It's not fair to other immigrants that the country would change to have it's people learn to speak the language of one immigrant and not the other. So, I think rather then having the country change to fit the immigrant, quite simply the immigrant should change to fit the country. Again, as I stated before, most people with common sence would think that if they were to move into another country, reguardless if there is a large population or not in that country, that they should, or put good effort into learning the language of the country they are immigrating to and not assume the country would change for them. Immigration is a good thing and gives people opportunities but that dosent mean they shouldn't try to adapt to where they moved to.

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    Im from Spain, and my native language is Spanish! The most beautiful language in the world. Then comes portuguese and italian. English is the most horrible, so I would never go to USA.

    Source(s): Viva el glorioso pueblo Español!
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    Come on people wake up. Do you know why Gunter is encouraging spanish.She is one of those rich white Mexicans that lives in Mexico. Her and her cohorts are the ones that are sending their poor over into the USA.She is one of the reasons we have all the illegal Mexicans in our country. These people are refusing to take care of their own poor. Now she is pretending like she is a friend. Sure she is. She is very happy the USA is footing the bill to take care of their poor.

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    1 decade ago

    Should Mexico learn English? No. And we shouldn't learn Spanish. It isn't a national language and therefore is pointless to learn. Hispanics need to learn English. Afterall, they're entering into a English-speaking country. Why should we have to learn a new language when they're the ones coming here? It makes no sense to me.

  • DAR
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    1 decade ago


    More than 200 dialects and languages are spoken daily in the US. That is why we have a single unifying language, English.

    Beyond that, language is a preference, and I chose German and French.

    My sons may choose Chinese.

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