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The only State in the United States that allows euthanasia is what?

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    Euthanasia (from Greek: eu, "good", thanatos, death) is the practice of terminating the life of a person or animal in a painless or minimally painful way in order to prevent suffering or other undesired conditions in life. This may be voluntary or involuntary, and carried out with or without a physician. In a medical environment, this can be carried out by oral, intravenous or intramuscular drug administration.

    Early History of Euthanasia in U.S.

    The first major effort to legalize euthanasia in the United States arose in the early years of the twentieth century. In a 2004 article in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Brown University historian Jacob M. Appel documented extensive political debate over legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide in both Iowa and Ohio in 1907.


    Oregon Ballot Measure 16 in 1994 established Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, which legalizes physician-assisted dying with certain restrictions, making Oregon the first U.S. state and one of the first jurisdictions in the world to officially do so. The measure was approved in the 8 November 1994 general election in a tight race. The final tally showed 627,980 votes (51.3%) in favor, and 596,018 votes (48.7%) against. In 2005, after several attempts by lawmakers at both the state and federal level to overturn the Oregon law, the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to uphold the law after hearing arguments in the case of Gonzales v. Oregon.


    In 1999, the state of Texas passed the Texas Futile Care Law. Under the law, in some situations, Texas hospitals and physicians have the right to withdraw life support on a patient whom they declare terminally ill. This is rare.

    On March 15, 2005, six month old infant Sun Hudson was the first patient in which the "United States a court has allowed life-sustaining treatment to be withdrawn from a pediatric patient over the objections of the child's parent.''

    In December 2005, doctors removed Tirhas Habtegiris, a young woman and legal immigrant from Africa, from life support against her family's wishes.

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    Washington and Oregon allow assisted suicide. Montana allows doctors to prescribe lethal amounts of medication with a terminally ill patient's consent. Euthanasia is what they use to "put to sleep" animals that are sick, injured, or unwanted.

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    Oregon, I had to do a report on this in college.

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