Rankings - ohio st.?

Why is wisconsin, and north carolina lower than ohio state? they both beat them. Greg Oden is a bust, all ohio st is is mike conley, ron lewis, and dequean cook. Thats why wisconsin will beat them at Ohio St. comming up.

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    Ohio St lives and dies on the 3 point shot and Oden. Wisconsin and NC are much more well-rounded. People definitely don't give Wisconsin enough credit, because they don't beat people by 35 every game. I agree; Wisconsin will go into Ohio St and beat them on their home floor. Although I think it is still to early to just assume the teams at the top will be in the final four, watch the Wisc-Ohio St game... if Vitale is commentating you will hear Ohio St talked up and Wisconsin trashed. He had to eat his own words after the last game.

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    Wisky is overrated IMO. I think when it comes tourney time, they'll be gone before the great eight.

    North Carolina is lower because (sigh) they lost to NCSU in a rather embarrassing game. But I think they'll step up in the coming weeks, and they'll probably make it to the final four.

    Ohio State is hot right now. It's hard to gauge how long they can hang in there. If Florida beats Kentucky, they'll be the favored for the tourney.

    Mark my words -- if Florida and UNC make the final four, Ohio State will fall. They need to play lesser teams to win it all.


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    It all depends when you lose in college basketball. Oden is still playing with one hand and dominating the middle defensively. They are a little young still but they will be fine come tournament time.

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