Do Chinese people eat other food other than chinese?

I have never seen any chinese people at any of our other resturants around town, do they only eat their food? And by the way i love chinese food.
Update: I`m serious i really want to know, i never see them at our resturants around town.
Update 2: No that is not what i mean, when we go to their restrant on an off time they are all eating at the table together,usually white rice and veges, i just wonder if they in fact do like our food or mexican or italian ect...
Update 3: Look i dont mean anything racial by asking this i just was curious because i never see them except for their restrant, granted it is a small town but still. I guess i thought mabey they were very strict with their diet, It is just a question i have wondered about every time i go to their restrant.
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