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How to write "Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī" in LaTeX?

The problem are the ū, ā and ī.

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    Well you must write

    Abu Abdallah Mu\d{h}ammad ibn M\={u}s\={a} al-Jw\={a}rizm\=\i


    Abu Abdallah Mu\d hammad ibn M\=us\=a al-Jw\=arizm\=\i

    As you use the Spanish accents like ó, \'{o} or \'o. In the case of í you type \'\i.


    ḥ is written as \d{h} ó \d h

    ū is written as \={u} ó \=u

    ā is written as \={a} ó \=a

    ī is written as \=\i

    I hope you understand the idea, in fact I hope you understand my bad English.

    All the readers who speak Spanish can read my answer in the Spanish version of the question in Y!R México.

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