Anna Nicole Smith...?

Ok. Does anyone know how Anna's ex-husband (the millionair) died?

How many kids did he have? How many have died?

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    James Howard Marshall II (January 24, 1905 – August 4, 1995) was a wealthy magnate, American oil business executive, and university professor. There is some suggestion that he taught trusts and estates at Yale Law School (although it is not entirely clear this is true), a rather ironic fact given the battles over his own estate. He married Anna Nicole Smith but soon died on August 4 1995.

    Born January 24, 1905 in Germantown, PA, J. Howard Marshall II attended the elite George School and then studied liberal arts at Haverford, graduating in 1926. While there he edited the school newspaper and played soccer and tennis. He went on to Yale Law School, graduating in 1931 Magna *** Laude. While there he studied with the law and economics pioneer Walton Hale Hamilton, which would strongly influence his future work. Upon graduation he served from 1931 and 1933 as an Assistant Dean at Yale Law School, although his teaching schedule during these years has not been definitively documented. At the same time, he was producing scholarship as a member of the influential legal realist school of thought, working with future Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas on an article entitled A Factual Study of Bankruptcy Administration and Some Suggestions.[1] However, his most influental work, done with Norman Meyers, was two articles entitled Legal Planning of Petroleum Production.[2] These pioneering studies offered an alternative to the then-current practices of controlled production among the oil industry, which were leading to boom/bust cycles, and gained the interest of the government, especially since the legal minds behind the new deal were staunch legal realists. In 1933 he left Yale to become the Assistant Solicitor at the Department of Interior under Harold Ickes Two years after that he left government service, to become the special counsel to the president of Standard Oil of California (now Chevron) in San Francisco. Another two years later he joined the firm now known as Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, which was the company's outside counsel. He was called back to Washington during the war, and helped develop America's energy policy during the war. In 1944 he joined Ashland Oil and Refining Co. (now Marathon Ashland), and began his long career as an oilman.

    Koch Industries

    Marshall turned his investment in Great Northern Oil Co. with Fred Koch during the 1950s into a 16% stake in Koch Industries, now the nation's largest privately held company. When his eldest son J. Howard Marshall III sided with Koch's sons Bill and Fred in a failed attempt to take over Koch Industries from Charles and David Koch, he stripped the eldest son of his inheritance, making E. Pierce Marshall his primary heir.


    He marrried Eleanor Pierce in 1931 and divorced in 1961. He married Bettye Bohannon in 1961 until her death in 1991. He was also briefly married to the late Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. The marriage ended in his death after 14 months.

    Death and ensuing lawsuits

    Marshall died 14 months after marrying Anna Nicole Smith, who would later become involved in a court battle with her former stepson, E. Pierce Marshall (who died on June 20, 2006, at the age of 67 after contracting an infection). In 2001, she lost her case during a five-month Texas state court jury trial, upholding Marshall's will and trust. Smith then declared bankruptcy in California and was awarded $474 million as a sanction for alleged misconduct. In 2002, the bankruptcy judgment was vacated and her award was reduced to $88 million in a Federal District Court in California. In December 2004, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the District Court decision and affirmed the Texas Probate jury finding that no misconduct had taken place, Smith was not one of J. Howard Marshall's heirs and that the federal courts lacked jurisdiction over state probate matters. However, on 1 May 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court in Marshall v. Marshall overturned the ninth circuit's decision on jurisdictional grounds, allowing Smith another opportunity to pursue her claims in federal court. The case has been remanded to the 9th Circuit for adjudication of the remaining appellate issues not previously reached. Smith's death on the 8 February 2007 has left this inheritance case wide open.

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    He died from old age I think. I mean when they were married he was rolling around in a wheelchair and breathing out of an oxygen tank. I know he has at least one son who kept fighting Anna for inheritence.

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    Kayla's got the Best Answer. He was 89 years old and married some young "sex pot" looking for a fast buck. Why and how would you think he died?! God Bless you.

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    He was a Billionair. I don't know and One.

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    he was 89....why do YOU think he died!!

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    I am here with you all.

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    i dunno

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