What can you tell me about Colombia?

I'd like to know about the culture, the food, how other South American nations view Colombia, the geography. Just don't tell me that it is where cocaine is made and that it has a high homicide rate unless it has something to do with the food and the culture. Thanks!

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    Ok, after the troll displayed their ignorace I can show you a bit about Colombian culture.

    Cumbia, is a music from Colombia


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    Besides Shakira, another internationally famous pop-singer from Colombia is Juanes.


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    The famous song of Tarantino's movies, "the killer song" was made by a Colombian: Carolina Márquez (you'll see).


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    Fernando Botero is an internationally famous Colombian painter that likes to paint fat people.




    Gabriel García Márquez is a Colombian writer that won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. His most famous books are: "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and "Chronicle of a Death Foretold".

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    I know enough to stay the hell away from the damn place. The whole place should be fenced off and used as an international federal prison institute for murderers or repeat violent offenders. First get the elderly, women, and kids out. S**w the rest. You don't need the death penalty because they'll just kill each other off anyway. Saves the taxpayers money. You wanna know about their culture, pick up and encyclopedia, or National Geographic. You'll live longer. You won't learn anything at the Hilton or Four seasons Resorts. because it's just a phony show for tourists.

    Source(s): Keep out.
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    The culture is steeped in the drug trade, sorry dear, it has been that way for many, many years. There are gigantic avocados, street vendors serve espresso called "tinto", there are bands of street children "ladrones" (thieves), who do anything and everything to get by. The government is completely corrupt. They sell USDA donated food openly in the mercados. Medellin is the scariest damn place I have ever been to, and Los Llanos are absolutely horrible.

    Source(s): Spent a little over one year in Colombia with family (missionaries) in the 70's
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    shakira is from there, you know, the singer and so is my friend who was an exchange student last semester

    Source(s): that probably doesnt help much
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