Why do the Celtics suck so bad?

If you were coach Doc Rivers what would you do to get the W? Now i know that peirce and allen are out but thats no excuse for this losing streak.

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    The Celtics are a very young team with a lot of inexperienced players. Paul Pierce has been a leader of that team ever since he was drafted there back in 1998. They don't know who to turn too when they need a quick bucket. They dont' know how to calm down when they are up 10 on the Pistons in the 1st Quarter. Until Paul Pierce gets back, I think Doc has to go back to the basics and find out who can step up for them and be a leader. I think Al Jefferson has proven hes ready to step up and if they put the ball through him more, the offense might start rolling. By the way, the problem isn't Doc or Paul Pierce being out....its Danny Ainge who has refused to give Paul Pierce any supporting players to help this team win.

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    This is an easy question. What goes up must come down, the higher the high the lower the low. The Celtics had a dominating team from the 60's, 80's e.t.c. It's now time for them to feel the opposite of that feeling. Same thing that the bulls went thru when Michael left.

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    They want a high draft pick in a very good draft. They are trying to win, but don't have the players to do it with their #1, and #2 scorers injured. So they are developing a young team with a lot of playing time. The only youngster taking advantage and REALLY breaking out is Al Jefferson. They currently have the worst record and WILL get a really good player in the draft. You have to be bad to get good (see duncan, robinson, hakeem, jordan, etc). So they're actually a success at sucking.

    I think they're doing the best thing they can in their situation, nobody wants the 8th seed in the east. But the #1 pick.....everyone wants that this year. Hasta.

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    Brian Scalabrine said that the younger guys on the team now and other so called 'ultra-talents' rising thru the ranks have played most of their basketball thru the AAU system, where it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Scalabrine felt that his own teammates were indifferent to winning or losing as a result of coming straight from that type of culture.

    So besides injuries, you've got a bunch of inexperienced players who aren't use to team-ball where the ultimate goal is to win, not just looking good for the scouts.

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    "system sabotage" is what i call it. you have a lame duck coach not capable of grooming and teaching and you have a front office who has made some of the most hideous decisions since wally walker in seattle. they should have a website called ruinateam.com it just proves the myth that it's not what you know, it's who! we are far removed from the len bias and reggie lewis tragedies so they can no longer be mentioned. they are clearly trying to get a lottery pick but the thing is if they will make the right choice or not. i say fire everybody and clean this mess up! they used to speak of leprechauns and rabbit's feet but they are coming to the harsh reality that if the rabbit lost his foot, how can it be lucky for you?

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    Someone didn't do a very good job of personnel evaluation. They brought in Olowokandi, Szerbiak, Telfair, all useless, and a whole slew of talented young players that are still 2 years away from being at NBA level. Not to mention like you say the Paul Pierce situation. His team is so bad I don't even think he wants to come back!

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    The Celtics have had some tough luck with injuries, but there shouldn't be a reason why they would want to win right now. They are in the Oden, Durrant sweepstakes right now in full swing. Come Spring time, they will have a great number of lottery balls and a chance to land one of these studs.

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    lol u sat in the front of a pole and also you couldnt even see? nicely the ten or so celtics video games ive been to theyve purely received two times yet that became even as they were terrible ive purely been to at least a million or 2 triumphing sox video games relax lost them and no bruins and pats wins idk what your question is nonetheless if its ought to you flow then for sure you should!! the hawks are abig rival of the celtics this three hundred and sixty 5 days and should be an exceptionally good pastime

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    The losing streak wouldn't be this long if Paul Pierce wasn't hurt, they would have won at least one game by now

  • Ballzy
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    1 decade ago

    They just dont do anything on offense. Its like watching a youth league play, they really need to watch Pheonix or Dallas play and learn to keep the ball moving instead of standing there with the ball.

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