Does anyone know if I will be able to tell when I ovulate I am breastfeeding and still haven't had a period?

It has been 9 1/2 months already and I still haven't had a period yet because i am still nursing my baby. When I nursed my last baby i got a period after 10 months. We really don't want to risk getting pregnant so what i want to know is ...would the temperature method work for us even though I haven't started my cycle at all yet ? Any advice please and 10 points to the best answer Thanks in advance to everyone!!


I don't want to be on any birth control pills. So other then condoms are there any other options for me other then waiting until i get a period. Will the temperature method work once I start getting periods even if i continue nursing.

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    I got pregnant with my third after weaning my second. I hadn't gotten a period yet either. Talk to your doctor about low dose birth control. Or try to be extra cautious around when you might ovulate, which may or may not be happening. I don't know if there is any way to tell while you are still nursing. Best wishes.

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    Temperature method won't work because nursing is having an effect on your hormones. I would either suggest the mini pill or use condoms.

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    No, it wouldn't work because the temperature method depends on hormones that tell your body when to ovulate and when not too, and helps regulate your cycle, without them it's unreliable. Ask your doctor about the "mini-pill." It's progesterone only and I think it's called Errin or something close to it. I used it while nursing all of my kids and it's been very effective for us without drying up your milk supply. Good luck to you and yours!!

    Source(s): Mother of three with one on the way.
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    Just because you don't have your period does not mean that you can't get pregnant.

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