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california child support?

My boyfriend only makes about 1200 a month from his job. his ex is getting child support from him and they are taking about 600 a month from him, from my understanding they are only supposed to take 20% also $160 of it is for dental & medical insurance why does he have to pay her full medical & dental insurance? why are they taking so much? also, we have a child on the way and this just started... do his payments to her go down when our child is here because there is no way 3 people can live off of 600$ a month? and our child will be the one starving his ex makes more money than he does why is she getting so much?

he would like to see the child but she forged his name on the custody papers and now she's got full custody why, if she chose to have full custody is he paying at all? i think if a mother is denying the father his child visits he shouldnt have to pay anything.

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