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Is david beckham a citizen of the USA?

like, i know that he has been traded to LA, and lives in the USA but will he be playing for the USA in the world cup, or is he gonna go back to england


not to be rude, but by the way "may" they didnt take it away i think he resinged

Update 2:

wat! ok "con man" david beckham was payed a very large amount of money to play for the la galaxy,. and yes im aware that his contract with real madrid isnt finished

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    It is likely that david could apply for US Citizenship, but this can take a few years and there is strict criteria that he would have to fulfil. It is also likely that this could be fast tracked because of who he is, should he wish to go down that route.

    Irrespective of whether he becomes American or not he will only be eligible to play for England national team as he has already played for them. FIFA regulations do not allow a player to play for more than one national team. Players in the UK have to chose wisely as some are eligible to play for maybe 2-3 national teams (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland). If they choose well they may well have a long football career, if they choose wrongly they may not get much more than a substitute bench. Michalr Owen, for example could have played for Wales or England, he chose England as he knew his place would almost be guarenteed in either team, but there was more chance to win something with England.

    Peter petrelli is wrong - he can only play for one national side, but any number of club sides. Players do not get paid a salary for playing for England, just expenses - it is for the honour.

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    The thing is that when you are a famous soccer player and the team you are on is winning and doing good because of you, then other teams around the world will want to have you play for their team as well. What happens is a soccer player CAN play for two or more countries depending on the contract they sign. David Beckham has a contract to play fo USA and England. But chose to play for England during the world cup. Usually with a famous soccer star like David Beckham teams would try to outpay the country he is playing with now so he can go and play for their country's team.

    David is though from england

    Take it from me.

    I know about soccer and I am all about soccer.

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    Even if David decides to become US citizen, he won't be able to play for US national team (he won't play even if he can) because of FIFA rules that he already played for England, therefore, he can not play for any other national team.

    By the way, he's not been traded to Galaxy. As for now, he's still a Real Madrid player, he will move to Galaxy team after June 30th as a free player which means Galaxy will not pay Real Madrid any transfer fee.

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    Beckham isnt a US citizen and i dont think he would be allowed to play for USA since he Already PLayed for England i think he would make a great edition to our team!!

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    No, he's started looking for a house after signinh with the Galaxy, prior to that he lived in England and had a 2nd home in Spain.

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    No, he's too much of a pussy and will never qualify. Idiot, there is no fast track to U.S. Citizenship, you have to just be a man and stop pissing off back to ***** old England to suck on your mom's tit every time you break a fingernail. Grow up and stop dancing around like a little homo playing 'football', you look like a little ballerina. I'll bet you don't even know how to hold a gun.

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    No, he isn't. Even if he were though, he still would not be able to play for the USA because he has already played competitively for the England senior team.

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    David Beckham is not a US citizen. he has played for ENGLAND & he will never play for another country.

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    how ignorant are ppl really? once u play for any national team, u cannot switch to another even if u become a citizen of another country..citizenship doesnt matter in this case..if beckham hadnt played a single game for england and he became a U.S citizen, he would have a chance...but its not da case....ignorance!!!

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    He's a citizen of the UK, not the USA.

    He's only here to make money, and he'd better, given the rate at which he and his wife spend it.

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