Choose your favorites....?

favorite jessica: simpson, alba, or biel

favorite christina: aguilera, ricci, or applegate

favorite michael: douglas, keaton,, or jackson

favorite famous person (who's famous just for being famous): paris hilton, nicole ritchie, anna nicole smith, kimberly stewart, or ??? (someone else)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jessica Simpson...shes the only one i know

    Christina Aguilera my favorite female solo singer

    i like the other two as well, their movies are enjoyable. music is just so much better to me than watching movies/tv all the time

    Michael J. Fox...was cute in the days of Back to the Future, humorous in Spin City, magnificent actor, also i admire how much work he puts out for someone who has Parkinsons (must be tough)

    uh..i dunno i dont like people who dont earn their status but as someone else said Vanna Whites ok. although i havent watched Wheel of Fortune in forever. Paris Hilton, i only liked her one song. i watched Simple Life to see what people find appealing about her and she was soo so stupid. she may pretend to act nice but everyone knows shes a stuck up whore.

  • Biel



    Anna Nicole Smith

  • Jessica Simpson

    Christina Aguilera

    Michael J. Fox

    I'd have to go with Anna Nicole Smith now (especially since she died today)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Step 1: Choose your favourite celebrity/musician....? George Harrison Step 2: Choose your favourite board game- Beatles Monopoly Step 3: Choose your favourite place- Liverpool England(Even though I have never been there before) ): Step 4: Choose your favourite movie- HELP! by The Beatles or A Hard Day's Night also by The Beatles Step 5: Put those things together- I would play Beatles Monopoly with George Harrison in Busch Gardens while watching A Hard Day's Night. BA: We would be laughing like crazy and George would probably be whipping my butt in Monopoly just because he was so good at it:)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jessica Alba

    Christina Ricci

    Michael J. Fox

    Famous for being famous: Vanna White

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