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what is the difference between a magnetized iron bar and an unmagnetized one?



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    You can think of iron (or anything ferromagnetic) as being made up of gajillions of itty bitty magnets.

    If you can get them to all line up together, they will produce a macroscopic magnetic field.

    If they are all scattered, they just cancel out.

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    The difference is only in the degree of alignment of the magnetic domains. In the magnetized Fe, there is some over all alignment so the piece has a N and S pole. If the piece is saturated (fully magnetized), all the domains are aligned so they all contribute to the net field, this produces as strong a magnet as is possible with this piece of Fe. In an unmagnetized piece of Fe, there is no overall alignment, the individual domains are random orientation so there is no net magnetization, no overall N-S alignment.

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    Iron Bar

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    Magnetized iron bars have measurable magnetic fields because the atoms (and molecules) are arranged in a way that their individual tiny electric fields align and add up.

    Unmagnetized iron bars have atoms (and molecules) with fields that are not aligned as such.

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    There are dipoles in magnetized iron bar.An unmagnetized one had no dipole. Magnetized units form magnetic field. Randomly arranged units do not have dipoles.

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    If you use the magnetic domains approach (which are thought as tiny little magnets inside the material), the domains are randomly aligned when unmagnetized. When magnetized, the domains are aligned along the external magnetic fields.

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    in a magnetised iron bar which usually happens when current passes thru it the molecules get arranged in a one direction thus having a north pole and south pole

    in an unmagnetised bar, the molecules are scattered in different directions that thier force gets cancelled out

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