What did Jane Fonda do?

And why do they refer to her as "hanoi jane"? (sp?)

What does that even mean?

I heard that when she was young, she kicked a cop's butt...

Was that a political statement of some kind? (If so, I think many people at that time could take issue with the police.)

If you can answer these questions without going off about how much you love or hate her - I would really appreciate it.

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    During the Vietnamese War she was a war protester. She went to North Vietnam for a series of "staged" interviews with POW's to convince the American public that they were treated well. She was labeled "Hanoi Jane" by POW's and veterans. Some allegations about her are true but some are false and/or exaggerated.

    Source(s): 'Hanoi Jane' Rumors Blend Fact and Fiction http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/weekly/aa110...
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    She visited some of our POW's in the prison camp known as the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam. Thinking they could trust her to carry a message back to the U.S. to let someone know they were alive and being held prisoner, some of the prisoners slipped her notes. She in turn gave them to the Vietnamese and the prisoners were severly beaten for their actions.

    She was also a very vocal protestor of the Vietnam War and accused the American Soldiers of being baby killers.

    Turns out she was a real b#tch and not at all popular with any veteran, then or even now.

  • Larry
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    Jane Fonda, like all sensible people, was vocally opposed to the Vietnam war, and went to Hanoi (the capital of North Vietnam at that time) during the war. A lot of idiots accused her of being anti-American, when she was really just anti-war. But the way she handled it was not very wise. She gave herself a bad reputation.

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    she made some bad decisions during the Viet Nam war by being friendly with enemy forces. Hanoi was the name of a city in communist Viet Nam. most of our captured troups were held at the "Hanoi Hilton" prison camp and tortured terribly.

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  • JAY O
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    She is called Hanoi Jane because she met with the North Vietnamese. She had pictures of herself taken sitting on the enemy's weapons. She was very much against the war and sided with the enemy.

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    During the Vietnam war she went there and sat on a tank with the ENEMY

  • F.A.Q.
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    Jane Fonda gave aid and comfort to our enemy, while ordinary American citizens were fighting and dying. She did great emotional injury and injustice to all Viet Nam veterans, and their families.


    These sites will help you sort the crap from the credible.

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    1 decade ago

    I believe she was a great wannabe in the feminist movement. She was involved with protests etc.It got her in a lot of trouble back in the day...

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    She was a very public anti-war person.

    And I believe she was caught smuggling government documents in her boots, but I can't find a link to that specifically.

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