what kind of vitamins aid in immunity and defense against colds and infections?

With the winter time and cold weather, I would like to know what I can take that will boost my immunity.

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    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The naturally occuring one is better than the tablets.

    Take lots of citrous fruits

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    UIT regard to Vitamin C and the common cold; during a trial of 7 patients, one took a single very high dose of the vitamin (8 g) on the day the symptoms started and experienced a shorter illness compared with people who took a placebo pill. The trial authors say that the results in this single trial are "tantalising and deserve further assessment." With regard to cures for a cold, there was a government sponsored facility in the south of England that ran for many years. The function of this facility was to determine if there was a cure for the common cold. None was ever found and the facility closed down. In brief, your body builds up health with all vitamins. Vitamins are not known to provide immunity.

    Hope this helps.

    Matador 89

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    4 years ago

    You did not explain if you get head colds, chest colds or the flu every winter. I am a clinical psychiatrist an acupuncturist. There are risk factors related to taking alternative natural products from a health food stores. They are not regulated or FDA approved. I have a client right now who was taking "kelp", from a health food store and become so toxic that she almost died. No regular doctor was able to help her. They referred her to me for acupuncture. It took two months of treatment to get all of the salt out of her body. There is usually a list posted in the emergency rooms of almost all hospitals with natural products that people can become toxic on. Being that I don't reside in the United States and you did not state if you get an annual flu, I tell my clients not to take the flu shot. I recommend that they take "PULMONAR-OM has 600,000 units of six different bacterias related to sore throats, pneumonia, strep throats and flu. (Works 100% better then a flu shot). This is an immune system builder. Not sure if you can find it in the United States. Usually anything that works is never approved by the "FDA", as they seem to be controlled by the doctors. I don't reside in the United States. Stay away from over the counter nasal sprays, like "Afrin", they are habit forming an also can up your blood pressure. The only safe nasal spray that all the doctors use that I know is "NASONEX", by Schering-Plough. No prescription is required an if available in the United States you should be able to obtain without a prescription. Has no side effects at all. Expect to pay atleast $30.00 18g which will equal about 140 applications. Acupuncture has been around 2000 years before Jesus Christ. So there is something to say about this alternative treatment. See a good doctor with a four year degree from a school that teaches acupuncture and take acupuncture to build your immune system. (Works great) I did myself and never have I had a cold or a flu in my life. Sorry I am unable to help you further as you did not give enough info. If a doctor was able to find a cure for the "common cold", he/she would be worth millions!!!

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    After years of having been told that "Echinaccia " and " Vitamin C" can help prevent or ease the symptoms of a cold, studies quoted las year here in Australia, apparently show that they have no real affect once you have the cold but they may help with long time use to build the immune system. I also have tried garlic capsules and zinc capsules.

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    The only vitamin that has been shown to help is Vitamin C. If you take large doses of Vitamin C within the first 48 hours of the onset of illness, then studies have shown that the length of the illness will be shortened by 1-2 days. No other vitamins and/or supplements have been shown to help. All you get if you buy those other vitamins is expensive pee.

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    PLEASE try these 3 remedies...EVERY time I feel run-down or get that tickly feeling in my throat I take these 3 things and it NEVER turns into a full-blown cold.

    1) Olive Leaf Extract by "Herb Pharm"....it's in liquid form, and has no side effects...it immediately goes to work to kill any viruses in you...and it's all natural.

    2) "JarrowDophilus", by "Jarrow Formulas"...it will keep the healthy "flora" in your body in perfect balance which keeps your immune system strong.

    3) "Emergen-C" Vitamin C packets by "Alacer"

    All three can be purchased at "Whole Foods Market", possibly "Trader Joe's", or call your local health food store to inquire about these 3 products.

    EVERY friend and family member who has taken this advice, hardly ever gets sick.

    For your throat: "Peaceful Mountain--Throat Rescue"

    You will NEVER find a more powerful throat spray which is all-natural....soothing, fast acting, and kills bad bacteria on contact.

    You'll see!! :) Get well soon!

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    Vitamin C , A+E assuming that yr food is good and you are healthy

    sure other vitamins are important especially B1, B2, B6, B12

    advise to take :

    FORCEVAL which has 24 Vitamins and Minerals

    U may send e-mail to help u more...


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    The best defense is eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Get a good nights rest. If you are not into vegies and fruits, drink juices. The vitamin pills help, like C, but drinking orange juice is better! V-8 if you don't like vegies. Mix vegies that you eat, green and yellow. Fruits, berries, oranges, grape fruit, grapes ( both white and red), bananas. Don't forget to eat good portions of protein, eggs, beans, meat, fish. A balanced diet is the best defence! Don't forget milk & cheese & yogurt and WATER.

    Source(s): Mom of 5 healthy kids
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    none really work. zinc might (which is what is in zicam). vitamin C does if youre under a lot of phsyical stress, like if youre an endurance athlete but doesnt help much for the average person. ecchinacea is recommended by a lot of people too, even though its a proven failure

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    Vitamin C works well for me. I take a supplement along with my multi-vitamin daily. I rarely get sick.

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