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united nation?

what do you think about the permanent members of the united nation security council?should they maintain their veto power?

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    They are just someone who lend US money for their war.... Stupid UN, stupid US....

    There should be no war with UN around.. yet this happened... Something fishy

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    There is no equality in the United Nations because superpowers are guaranteed seats in the Security Council and they have veto powers. The UN should change this ste-up if it really means that countries should be equal.

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    United Nations is just a show off. If they were real there would be no war in Iraq.

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    France never deserved it. Russia no longer deserves it. Arguably, we are the only country that does deserve it. Arguments can be made for UK, China, Japan & India.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it would be impractical for them not to; nothing will work if one of them is that much opposed to it.

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