GM Discount for family vs friends?

Is there a significant difference in the price of a GM vehicle when using the GM discount for friends as opposed to the GM family discount. My uncle works for GM, so I am actually not covered as a family member. So, I was thinking of having my father put the car in his name and he could buy it under the Family discount. However I doubt there will be that much of a discount in price, if any. Please let me know if you have this information. I'm curious as to how much I would save on a 2007 Pontiac G5 Coupe.

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    GM Total Value PromiseThe GM Employee Discount for Everyone Event has ended. To find current pricing for GM vehicles, please visit Copyright ©2005 General Motors ...

    there is no GM discount for freinds.

    If your relative works for the corporation the discount is signifigant-about 2500 dollars on a thirty thousand dollar vehicle.

    Dealership employees can enjoy the same size discount depending on theri value as an employee to the dealership, i.e., a receptionist, not much, a department manager or lead technician fairly signifigant. It also depends on how politically savvy they have played out their career at the dealership.

    Source(s): professional parts manager 23+ years=doesn't mean crap in this day and age husband-shop foreman at a four store dealer=three grand discount on top of two grand from GM in 2004
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