Has anyone, who is reading this, seen the Pheonix UFOs?

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    When one hears "the Phoenix Lights" almost everyone generally has one image in mind and one idea; 7 to 9 intensely bright balls of light forming a slight "V" shape in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona on the evening of March 13, 1997. That night dozens of video-cam operators and thousands of Phoenix residents witnessed the appearing and disappearing of brilliant UFO(s) which hovered over the city just beyond the Estrella mountain range, a spectacle so astonishing that even the national news could not cover it up or blow it off as a flock of geese or mere space debris re-entry.

    and soon a movie is going to be released

    Source(s): http://www.rense.com/general40/phoenix.htm http://www.geocities.com/nfoufo/. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.ufosoverphoenix.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.rense.com/general70/phoenix.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://one.revver.com/watch/19316
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    Having personally seen UFOs over the Arizona Desert ( Gila Bend ) I can assure you that what I saw was NO low level flare ! I am not saying that the craft was ALIEN in origin...only that I didnt know/ dont know what the $%#@ I saw out there ! It flew over us though...it did not " drop " out of the sky. We watched for a good 10 minutes as the craft passed over head and then doubled back.....I have NEVER seen a flare do that !

    You can go to www.qtm.net UFO folklore center....they have an artists rendition of the object that I saw ( this same picture appeared on the cover of USA Today in 1997 ) ...it was so shocking I NEVER forgot it ! I have NO doubt that it is MILITARY in origin ( with all the AF bases out there ).....I just wish the MILITARY wouldnt try and pretend it was a flare ! That kind of thing might have worked in Roswell...but NOT NOW !

    Source(s): 10 minutes in the AZ desert...and 5 years USMC ( so yes.....I know what a $#%@ing flare looks like )
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    They were Military Flares, I sow a special where a guy made a film at the place where the a guy filmed the lights. He shot his in the day, than interpolated the day frames he just shot with the night frames of the UFO together. You can clearly see the flares drop below the mountains. At night with no reference points many people were fooled.

    For all those people who saw a "Craft" in the sky they are obviously making it up. This is the prime reason I have doubts about Roswell. Here was a easily explainable case and you have people coming out of the woodwork claiming they saw something they didn't.

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    Yes. I seen them personally. And, being a veteran of the military I can honestly say they were ours. They are high intensity flares that are dropped from 10-15 thousand feet to illuminate the ground during exercises. The were dropped at the Barry Goldwater range about 50-60 miles south of Phoenix. The reason they made such a scare is the fact that the local Phoenix Air Force base did not know anything about it. That was because the planes that dropped them were from Tucson. It happened again last night. This time the planes were from the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station. Don't worry we're not being invaded. "Yet"

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    What were those lights in the Phoenix sky?


    Researchers still sorting out hundreds of witness accounts

    June 19, 1997

    Web posted at: 11:58 a.m. EDT (1558 GMT)

    PHOENIX (CNN) -- When it appeared in the Arizona sky on the night of March 13, it was witnessed by hundreds of people. Neither researchers nor witnesses have yet figured out what Arizonans saw in the event now dubbed "the Phoenix Lights." But that hasn't stopped them from trying to puzzle it out.

    Tim Ley and his family are among the hundreds of witnesses who have come forward to talk about the Phoenix Lights. They first saw the lights while looking north from their Phoenix home.

    A L S O

    Report on Roswell 'UFO crash' due soon

    Amateur video of lights in the sky

    movie icon

    movie icon 1.3M/24 sec. small frame QuickTime movie

    1.8M/20 sec. large frame QuickTime movie

    Now, their recollections of what they saw have been transformed into computer images, using a combination of digital photos of the landscape taken by Ley and computer drawings of the objects his family saw in the sky.

    "When it finally got here and we realized this thing was coming right over us, we really started getting antsy," Ley said. Then, said he and his son Hal, it went directly overhead in complete silence. icon (53K/5 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

    Tim Ley said that when the right side of what appeared to be a giant V-shaped craft passed directly over him, the left side was a couple of blocks away.

    See the evidence, and the reconstruction of the incident, in the VXtreme of this KSAZ story.

    VXtreme logo VXtreme Streaming Video

    His wife, Bobbi, who also saw the aerial light show, said the size of the craft they saw was overwhelming. But, she said, "It didn't seem threatening. ... When it was right overhead and we couldn't hear a sound, it was like you're just awestruck."


    Jim Dilettoso of Village Labs, who has been researching UFOs for 20 years, is in the process of reconstructing the incident with a virtual reality model.

    The Leys are among the hundreds of witnesses he interviewed about the Phoenix Lights. He said he considers the family to be "very reliable," and their data "very important," because by their account they were so close to the craft.

    While nobody knows for sure what the Leys and hundreds of others saw, Tim Ley is sure his family will never forget that night. He said it has changed his outlook on the UFO movement, turning him from a "polite skeptic" to someone quite open to the experiences of UFO believers. icon (133K/12 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

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    Back in '97 there was a sighting of a separate group of lights which preceded the more widely visible military flares. It was an apparently boomerang, or chevron-shaped craft which moved slowly. It closely resembled a craft seen over the Hudson Valley in 1984, and I saw THAT one.

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    Nope, never seen them or heard of them until now. Probably haven't seen them because I'm not living in Arizona or Nevada... =)

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    they see them in a lot of places

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