how can i find the kelly bluebook value of the car i already own? i need it for an insurance issue.?

the reason why i need the kelly bluebook value for my car is because someone crashedinto the side of my car and their insurance company totaled my car, and they only want to give me 225.00! that is definately not my bluebook value for the car!!!!

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    Of course they can. They can raise your rates for a host of reasons at any time. Plus, they didn't have all of the information on the car (VIN #) when you bought your policy. If the rate you have now is unacceptable, you should shop around for a one. Is your car financed, or did you pay cash for it? If it is financed, you may be in violation of the terms of the loan by having such a high deductible. When I bought my truck last year, I financed it through Bank of America. I read in the loan agreement that my insurance deductible could be no more than $500. You need to find your loan agreement, and read the terms.

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    Kelly Blue Book does not provide actual cash value, your insurance company MUST pull 3-4 ads in LOCAL newspaper to determine ACV, and you can find this information as well to make sure you're offered right amount. Do not settle for less! But again, Kelly Blus Book has nothing to do with ACV. Good luck!

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    Go to then enter your information. Remember, if your vehicle has more "wear and tear" on it they don't have to give what the book says. Remmember also that if the accident wasn't your fault then the other driver's ins. co. has to get the case off of their records. They will act like you can't do any better than what they are offering but just hold out and act as if it's no big deal and you have other transportation so you can wait for them to meet your price. They will argue with you but they still have to get it off their records. If your vehicle is worth more than 250 then don't settle for it. You don't have to. You won't get 5000 but just be patient, you will get more.

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  • 1 decade ago is the web site.

    You also need to check clasified ads in your newspaper to see how much a similar car with similar milage sells for locally.

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    go to . it's pretty self explanitory there. once you find out your cars value, let the other insurance company know. better yet, have your insurance company deal with them. if this doesn't get resolved, your last option would be to hire a lawyer. good luck.

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    You can log into the website for kelly blue book and find out directly from your pc.

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    Your local bank has the book, also get with your insurance company, they too, have the book.

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