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Please help! What other companies besides FORD are supporting the gay agenda?


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    America's pro-homosexual giants: 2006

    List of companies scoring perfect 100 percent from 'gay'-rights group


    Posted: September 20, 2006

    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    © 2006

    Below is the list of companies scoring a perfect 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign's 2006 Corporate Equality Index, with policies beneficial toward homosexuals:

    Adobe Systems


    Agere Systems

    Agilent Technologies

    Allianz Life Insurance

    Alston & Bird

    American Express

    AMR Corp. (American Airlines)


    Apple Computer

    Arnold & Porter



    Bain & Company

    Bank of America

    Bausch & Lomb

    Bell South

    Best Buy


    BP America

    Bright Horizons Family Solutions

    Bristol-Myers Squibb

    California State Automobile Association

    Capital One Financial


    Carlson Companies

    Charles Schwab





    Cisco Systems


    Clear Channel Communications


    CMP Media

    CNA Insurance

    Coca-Cola Company

    Consolidated Edison

    Coors Brewing


    Credit Suisse First Boston


    Daimler Chrysler


    Deloitte & Touche USA

    Deutsche Bank

    Dorsey & Whitney

    Dow Chemical


    Eastman Kodak

    Eli Lilly & Co.

    Ernst & Young

    Estee Lauder Companies

    Faegre & Benson

    Fannie Mae

    Ford Motor Co.

    Freescale Semiconductor

    Gap Inc.

    General Mills

    General Motors


    Global Hyatt

    Goldman Sachs Group


    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

    Heller Ehrman

    Hewitt Associates


    Honeywell International


    ING North America Insurance




    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

    Jenner & Block

    Johnson & Johnson

    Kaiser Permanente


    Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group


    Kraft Foods

    Lehman Brothers Holdings

    Levi Strauss & Co.

    Lexmark International

    Liz Claiborne

    Lucent Technologies

    McDermott Will & Emery

    McKinsey & Co.

    Mellon Financial

    Merck & Co.

    Merrill Lynch



    Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams

    Morgan Stanley

    Morrison & Foerster



    NCR Corp.

    New York Times Co.


    Nixon Peabody


    Northrop Grumman

    Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

    Owens Corning




    Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

    Powell Goldstein


    Prudential Financial



    SC Johnson & Son


    Sears Holdings Corporation

    Sempra Energy

    Sprint Nextel

    Starcom MediaVest

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

    State Street

    Sun Microsystems

    SunTrust Banks

    Tech Data Corp.

    The Olivia Companies

    US Airways


    Visa International

    Volkswagen of America



    Wells Fargo




    Top Ten Gay Companies

    1. Xerox Corp.

    In Their Own Words: Respecting employees as individuals and providing them with appropriate support systems and benefits helps make Xerox a great place to work for employees, and makes the company itself smarter, stronger and better… workplaces across the country are becoming more and more inclusive. At Xerox, we don’t see domestic partner benefits or fostering an inclusive atmosphere as an option or "nice thing to do", but as a business imperative strengthening our ability to attract and retain qualified and diverse professionals.

    —James Firestone, President, Xerox Corporate Operations Group, and corporate champion for Galaxe-Pride at Work, the company’s caucus group for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) employees.

    Why We Picked Them: Xerox, the computer equipment giant, was named as one of the top 25 companies for gay and lesbian employees in 2004 by The Advocate, a gay and lesbian news magazine. Diversity Inc touted Xerox as one of the top companies for diversity for 2004 with a ranking of No. 1 on the Top 10 GLBT list. In 2003, Girlfriends magazine ranked Xerox 9th among top companies with the friendliest environment for lesbians. And this shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone familiar with the organization: Perhaps more than any other company we researched for this list, Xerox uses the diversity catchwords to market themselves to customers, clients, and potential employees.

    2. American Airlines

    In Their Own Words: Our partners at GLEAM, our valuable gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered employees and our dedicated Rainbow Sales TeAAm [have the] integrity and loyalty in striving to make our workplace and community respectful for all.

    —Debra Hunter-Johnson, Vice President, Human Resources, American Airlines

    Why We Picked Them: American Airlines has become notorious for their gay-friendly public stance, gaining a perfect score in the Human Rights Campaign's Diversity index for the last three years (the HRC, by the way, bills itself as the nation's largest lesbian and gay political organization). In the early 1990s, the company began running "co-ads" with gay-oriented companies (for example, RSVP, a gay cruise line). The organization also fosters and promotes partnerships with homosexual groups such as GLEAM and the Rainbow Sales TeAAm.

    3. Avaya

    In Their Own Words: A global company in every sense— geographically, strategically, and culturally—we embrace diversity as a competitive advantage. EQUAL! @ Avaya, Avaya's employee business partner for our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered employees, leads us in finding new ways to leverage our diversity to drive Avaya's continued success in providing the world's best communications solutions enabling businesses to excel. Our value as a company is realized by recognizing the contribution of each individual.

    —Don Peterson, Chairman and CEO, Avaya Inc.

    Why We Picked Them: This global communications company has its own gay employee group, EQUAL!, which follows directly from their stance to promote "diversity" among their ranks.

    4. Eastman Kodak

    In Their Own Words: As Kodak transforms to win in a changing marketplace, we rely upon all employees, from all backgrounds, to share their best ideas to help us innovate. They help create products and services that delight our diverse customers worldwide. At Kodak, we’re proud to have a global understanding of the need to treat all employees with dignity, fairness, and respect. HRC's rating recognizes how far we’ve come—and, as we build relationships with cultures and communities everywhere, how very far we can go.

    —Daniel A. Carp, Chairman and CEO, Eastman Kodak Co

    Why We Picked Them: Kodak has, in the last decade, built themselves up as a large supporter of homosexual causes. For example, beyond offering partner health benefits, the company also offers gay employees a $2,000 adoption incentive. Kodak is also the principal sponsor of the Rochester Diversity Conference (NY) and the organization reports that Kodak donates money to the Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network. The company currently has five different programs related to "acceptance" of GLBT employees. "Sensitivity training" within the organization is taken to extremes most companies would never even consider.

    5. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

    In Their Own Words: To meet our goal of being the best financial services company in the world, we need the total commitment of each person and the willingness to work together. We do that by valuing and promoting diversity, striving to create a more inclusive environment, building diverse teams, and above all, respecting every individual.

    —Sandra A VanGilder, Senior Vice President - Diversity, JPMorgan Chase

    Why We Picked Them: This company has managed to find themselves on quite a few gay-friendly lists over the years. Both The Gay Financial Network ( and the Human Rights Campaign have designated J.P. Morgan Chase as an ultra gay friendly company. The organization has given money to numerous homosexual rights organizations and events in the last decade. This financial services company is an industry leader in both donations and support for the GLBT community.

    6. Apple Computers

    In Their Own Words: [We] promote diversity and provide equal opportunity to all employees.

    —Dan Walker, Chief Talent Officer, Apple

    Why We Picked Them: This company might make beautiful, highly efficient computer and mp3 products, but they are also one of the industry leaders in establishing GLBT support groups within their ranks.

    7. Lucent Technologies

    In Their Own Words: Our company’s most valuable asset is our people, and as part of our culture, we encourage all employees to bring forth their ideas in an open, supportive atmosphere where they can confidently contribute to our business success. To attract and retain the best minds in the business, we work hard to create an environment that welcomes and respects differences, and facilitates and fosters teamwork. That means ensuring we have a diverse workforce at all levels so employees and job candidates can see representation of their own gender, race, nationality, culture, religion or sexual orientation, and know there is room for personal and professional growth and advancement that is based on talent and merit.

    —Ethel Batten, Vice President of Human Resources, Recruiting, Staffing, Diversity, Lucent Technologies Inc.

    Why We Picked Them: For one, they actually have a position called Vice President of Human Resources, Recruiting, Staffing, Diversity. If that's not enough of an indicator that this company is pro-gay, then the fact that they've been honored for three straight years by the Human Rights Campaign for their encouragement of the GLBT lifestyle (in all its sundry sordidness) ought to send up some red flags.

    8. Replacements Ltd.

    In Their Own Words: We strive to honor diversity in the workplace because we believe it is a source of great strength. We know that supporting our GLBT community, both within and outside the workplace, is critical to our success. Besides, it is the right thing to do.

    —Bob Page, President and Founder, Replacements, Ltd.

    Why We Picked Them: The statement above just about covers it: Replacements Ltd. is dead set on changing our culture by drawing "strength" from their homosexual employees and supporting the GLBT cause both within their ranks and without.

    9. Nike Inc.

    In Their Own Words: In addition to Nike's GBLT Employee Network and partner benefits program, we also support several organizations serving the GBLT community through our corporate giving. It's our belief that this passion for honoring diversity at Nike will help us continue to build an inspired workplace that recognizes and respects every individual and community.

    —Gina A. Warren, Director of Global Diversity, Nike Inc.

    Why We Picked Them: Besides all the pro-homosexual practices and policies of the company, Nike sealed their spot in our list thanks to the fact that they sponsor gay rugby leagues. Here's to upholding ridiculous stereotypes by means of company donations.

    10. Coors Brewing Co.

    In Their Own Words: Coors is deeply committed to a diverse, broadminded, and inclusive workplace in which all employees are valued and respected. We are very proud of our leadership as a company within the GLBT community and its diversity. We have strong corporate values that include all of our employees and are proud of our achievements.

    —Leo Kiely, CEO, Coors Brewing Co.

    Why We Picked Them: This company, believe it or not, was started by Christians. With all Christian-and-alcohol debates aside, the Coors family business has long since stopped promoting family values. Besides the company's current sexually explicit commercials, they are one of the most avid alcohol manufacturers and distributors in their aim to capture the gay population's tastebuds.

    Top Ten "Anti-Gay" Companies

    1. Alltel

    Industry: Telecom

    Why We Picked Them: Although this company has a non-discrimination policy toward gays written into its employee manual, they have baulked the telecom industry trend to cater specifically to the homosexual agenda. Whereas, for example, AT&T offers same-sex partner benefits, "gender identity training" for its employees, and endorses the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Alltel has for the most part stayed out of the GLBT faction's pocket.

    2. BB&T Corp

    Industry: Bank/Financial Services

    Why We Picked Them: This Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company offers benefits only to spouses of employees. They give no money to GLBT groups, and don't even have a non-discrimination policy written in the employee handbook. They also don't waste their employees' time by offering training in diversity sensitivity or gender identity.

    3. International Steel Group

    Industry: Steel Manufacturing

    Why We Picked Them: This company has shown throughout its history that they have very little time for being PC when it comes to the homosexual agenda. No domestic partner benefits, no attempt to reach the homosexual community through advertising or philanthropic donations, and no quotas for hiring homosexuals.

    4. Meijer Inc.

    Industry: Retail

    Why We Picked Them: Meijer made the number 9 spot in 2004 on Forbes' list of the 200 Largest Private Companies, and yet they still have succeeded where retail king Wal-Mart has failed. No domestic partner benefits, nothing about gays in the workplace written into the company manual, and no overt support of the GLBT lifestyle or agenda.

    5. Perot Systems Corp.

    Industry: Computer Information Services

    Why We Picked Them: This company's stance against the homosexual agenda should not come as a surprise for anyone who followed the 1996 presidential campaign of the company's founder. In 1997, Ross Perot, in fact, returned to the helm of the company he founded in Plano, Tex. and actually rescinded the domestic partner benefit policy that the company had put into place during his absence. reports that the company also actively engages in "corporate action that would undermine the goal of equal rights GLBT people". Way to go, Ross.

    6. Shaw Industries Inc. (a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.)

    Industry: Textile manufacturing

    Why We Picked Them: They've done nothing, to the best of our knowledge, to support the GLBT cause in any significant way.

    7. R.R. Donnelley & Sons

    Industry: Publish/Printing

    Why We Picked Them: Ditto

    8. RadioShack

    Industry: Retail

    Why We Picked Them: With industry mates Borders Group, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and SC Johnson & Son getting high praise from pro-gay groups like The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), RadioShack has retained most of their values when it comes to not supporting the homosexual agenda. The company offers no benefits for domestic partners, and requires no sexual diversity training. RadioShack also does not support any GLBT groups financially.

    9. Exxon Mobile

    Industry: Energy and Utilities

    Why We Picked Them: Exxon, in 1999, was only the second company in American history to rescind domestic partner benefits for its employees (Perot Systems Corp. was the first—see above). It also rescinded its sexual non-discrimination policy that was once in its employee handbook. Exxon is not exactly on the HRC's list of favorite companies, given that Exxon regularly donates money to organizations dedicated to upholding traditional family values.

    10. New NGC, Inc., doing business as National Gypsum Company

    Industry: Construction

    Why We Picked Them: No non-discrimination policy, no domestic partner benefits for employees, and no hand out to the GLBT community. And yet they do about $1.5 billion in business annually. What more can we say?

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    Yes, I see what this world is coming to. It's coming to produce uneducated people, and prejudice judgment from everybody. First of all, what makes you think gays don't already come to McDonalds? Do you think since this commercial was aired, that the gays will just come flocking through the doors? No, they have already been there, and will always be. Second, what makes you think gays being around children is something to be looked down on? Many, many gay couples have been allowed to adopt children, and if where you're going with that statement is that they are pedophiles, then you sir are wrong. Sure, there are gay pedophiles. Just as there are straight ones, so should straight people also not be allowed to have commercials with McDonalds? And third, there is no gay "agenda." It's showing that the world is becoming more EDUCATED unlike some people, ahem, and is showing tolerance for the LGBT community because there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM. Maybe take your head out of your *** and look at things with an open mind, and you might see some truth.

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    Companies That Support Gays

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