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I don't think affiliate marketing is for me. How can I earn extra money online?

Any other ideas besides surveys, surfing,ect? I just would like to find a legitament way to make some extra money while staying at home, hopefully with the internet. I've tried affiliate marketing and invested more money than I should, trying to bring in enough to pay for my expenses, but didn't make a dime. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

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    Hey Buddy, no offense but I have been a work at home dad for the last 1 and half yrs just doing affiliate marketing. I must say that there are many generic books out there on affiliate marketing that does not work and you do not need to spend a single cent on affiliate marketing..I don't claim that I make much but I make in the middle 4 figure range using affiliate marketing. Funny thing is I've only bought a book that cost me $47 on affiliate marketing. Most of my affiliate marketing are free. I find ways to do affiliate marketing without spending a single cent or at least as minimal as possible. I just happen to be writing a book on making 4 figures with affiliate marketing using free resources. If you want a complimentry copy just email me at Please include the subject headline: "Yahoo Question"

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    Affiliate marketers are sales middlemen, who collect a commission from any customer they send to a 'store'. Realistically there are probably more people who tried it but never made a sale than there are successes. Comparing to setting up an online store through ebay or amazon, being an affiliate is less complicated, no inventory to maintain, no schlepping packages to the post office, no need to interact with each and every 'customer'. Affiliates earn perhaps 5% to 25% commission for hard goods, and 30% to 75% for digital goods that have no real production or shipping cost. There are tons of affiliate networks out there that manage the tracking and payment of affiliates on the behalf of companies, while some manage their own affiliate program, for the most part affiliates have to take on faith that they are being credited for sales they bring in, it's assumed that some 'shaving' of affiliate commissions takes place. The key to affiliate marketing is getting traffic, it might take thousands of visitors to a general magazine like site get one sale, some build entertaining useful sites that develop free traffic in the courser of as much as 6 to 12 month of development. These marketers have to spend a considerable effort making their site important in the eyes of the search engines, without breaking too many of their rules regarding faked site popularity, such as buying or trading links from other sites. The big players have sort of a stock market speculator mentality effectively buying and selling advertisement, some manage a get their investment back + 50% profit a month or 2 down the road, they have to float a month or two of income in advertising budgets, usually on credit cards. The FTC has recently restated their regulations in internet marketer terms, warning that fake reviews and testimonials common in affiliate marketer sites are a no-no. The future of the trade may be a bit uncertain, Google seems to be of the opinion that affiliates are superfluous, like street hustlers who bring in customers for the store down the street. Apparently Google recently canceled the advertising accounts of thousands of affiliate marketers, perhaps just the ones dealing in more unsavory products, like some that re-bill credit cards.

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    Do not allow yourself to get discouraged simply because everything is not crystal clear when you first entered the world of affiliate marketing. Having a lot of patience and giving yourself time to find the right market and the right products to promote are very important because they can both lead you to your success. If you plan your activity correctly, you will certainly find the perfect products that can provide you with not only a handsome revenue stream or a great affiliate marketing scheme, but also with a lot of personal satisfaction.

    You can find many interesting free resources online about affiliate marketing. One I recommend is this free ebook:

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    I found here a very good method on how to earn money online with internet marketing. It's good both for newbies and for expert marketers.


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    Try this man.Have u got a blog or website.Then put PPC(pay per advertisements ) into your blog or website.

    It is risk free be cos u will get credited as soon as when a visitor clicks on the ads.and not when a purchase is made.

    Try google ad sense .

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    It's best to go to to get impartial advice . Try a business Magazine like entrepreneur to see who they say are the best ones to go with

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    Try e-bay. I am also looking for a good site but havent found yet and personally havent used e-bay. If it works then let me know.I am a trave agent and you can do that to try or call 1800715-4440.

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