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If man came from monkeys, where did men with santa hats and fake white beards come from?

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Do you look in the mirror and ask who am I?

I don't wear a santa hat and fake white beard in real life,

but I sit here in my cube and theres a photo of my son on the lap of santa, taken in November,

when I go home I am love to my son, he doesn't see a man in a red hat and white beard, a man in a chicago bears hat and a brown goatee, and he loves me.

I identify myself as father, husband, son, etc.

Many of you the same, mother, wife, husband, father, son daughter, cousin uncle aunt,

We come here and argue about the Bible and God and Evolution and this and that and the other thing,

Do you think we probably have more in common with one another then what appears to be a daily yahoo answers session of "If man came from blah blah blah".

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    1.) The theory now is that monkeys and humans (& other primates) came from a common ancestor.

    2.) I never understood how the Santa Claus character came about but everyone seems to agree it's a nice-enough myth.

    3.) Yes, we have a lot in common. Even non-believers and Christians both have extremists and the more benign.

    4.) However, there are arguments each person feels needs to be known BUT

    thanks for trying to remind everyone to be a little more considerate!

    (I don't know that it will happen, though)

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    Sure... do Atheists allow men with Santa Hats, Long White Beards, and Monkey Bodies to ride in the Front of the Bus? Can men with the body of a monkey, a long white beard, and a Santa hat drink at the Atheist's only water fountain if the Christian one is broken? Are you asking a deeper question about our water fountain? I noted the ' in the Christian's ONLY water fountain phrase. Again, the answer is yes. Anyone who will (or whoseover will to use older English) may drink from the fountain. I wasn't aware we had a bus.

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    I'm pretty damn sure we have a lot more in common! People asking questions like "why don't we all go meet up in vegas" and so on... I'd like that. It would be nice to sit around and sip whiskey with some of these people and just hang out rather than limit ourselves to throwing our opinions up on a screen back and forth until we get bored or go home for the day (for those of us at work).

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    I think if we met it would be an all out war with fundies (of any religions) on the different sides and everyone else caught in the middle. Only my humble opinion but I would be scared to meet some people on here.

    That said most people would be cool - maybe the ones in the middle could bring tazars to zap the fundies and then just get on with it? Waddya say shall we all go get one?

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    Until I read the rest of your question my answer was going to be "Nordstroms".

    Yes we all have more in common than we think.

    We all want to be loved and appreciated.

    We want our children to grow up to be the best they can be.

    Ok, we can leave the blah blah blah for another day.

    Have a good one today and spend a bit of extra time with your kids telling them how much you love them.

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    The Dole Queue

  • Anonymous
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    I happen to wear a santa hat, and a fake white beard, so I take high offense to this.

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    I'm sorry but your whole idea of life is just terribly mistaken.

    Man did not come from monkeys; God made man and animals apart from man. ALL of mankind was created by God, and we did not evolve from a dang monkey.

  • neil s
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    Disagreement is only possible in a relationship with considerable agreement. After all, those who believe in a flat Earth are not even speaking about the same thing when they say "Earth", so discussion becomes difficult.

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    I'm sure that if we ever had a Yahoo R&S picnic there would be no blood. Maybe some heated arguments, but not bloody murder as it looks like in this place sometimes.

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