Is there any way to increase my chances of having a girl? my mom-in-law says only boys run in there family.?

We have two father in law had two boys and his brother had a boy. HELP !! Is she right??? That it's not even possible and that they have no female sperm?

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    i'm wondering the same thing! my hubbys dad had 5 sons! my hubbys brother just had a son. i too want a girl so badly and the only thing that i can say is try having sex 2-3 days before you ovulate because girls swim slower live longer and boys swim faster but die faster. good luck getting a girl!

  • It doesnt matter if the men in the father's family produced 97% girls.....

    The odds will always be the same for each pregnancy...50/50.

    Its like flipping a coin... might land on heads might land on tails.

    You might have a girl, you might have a boy.

    Your mother in law is misinformed.

    There is no such thing as all male sperm.

    The only way to guarantee you will have a girl or boy is to go to a fertility specialist, and do invitro.... they make some embryos isn a dish... genetically test to see the sex... and then implant the female embryo in your uterus.

    Don't ask me what they do with the rest of them.

    Big controversy there.

    IF you have that kind of money.....

    50K at least.... AND you dont care what they do with the other embryos..... or you have a plan for what to do with the unused ones....

    THEN you can guarantee the sex of your child.

    I was always told that after having two..... that the third is like adding another potato when you fix dinner.

    And so is the fourth.. add another potato.

    And the fifth.... etc.

    SO just keep having kids till you have a girl!

    The guys that cut my hair are Hawaiian and fathered lots of girls.

    Both were determined to keep having babies till they had a son.

    One had five daughters then had a son.

    One had six daughters, then had a son, then left his wife and had another son with someone else.

    True story.

    Girls, (I hear) are much harder to raise.

    Why do mothers tell people crap like that?

    I have a Viet Namese friend (very smart girl, has a degree in computer information systems) and HER mom told her she shouldnt have a nose-job or it would hurt when she had a baby.

    If you say to your mom-in-law.... "I want a daughter"

    and she says "To bad you wont have one all my son's testicles only produce sperm which produces males"

    I would think she is just trying to say in her own special way, that she doesnt want you having any more babies with her son.

    SO... you should have said..."That's OK... if we have to have 13 kids, we WILL have our daughter"

    You could be famous like that Duggar family. (link provided below)

    While I did know that the act of being a male is a recessive trait, I did not know that the XX sperm swim slower... so I learned something this morning.... but if you'll click on the link and read about boy and girl sperm, you'll see where it says there that your odds for having one or the other are equal.

    When you DO have that daughter..... please consider naming her Jillian. :-)

    Or Hillary.

    But whatever you DO, dont name her after your mother in law.

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    Hi there,

    I agree with island_ch. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days. The girls are slower but live longer, boys are faster but die earlier. Try having sex three days before ovulation and avoid doggy style, apparently this position is good for boys! Best of luck... :>)

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    No, she's crazy!

    Tell your hubby to take a hot bath before intercouse. This will kill off the majority of the male sperm. And tell him to wear tightie whities for a while. Male sperm like boxers :-) so they can breath easy and stay cool.

    And don't do positions with deep penetration, like rear positions. Try woman on top, cause the female sperm are stronger than the males, so they can swim 'upstream' better than they can.

    Hope this helped ya. Helped my sister. (So we think). We have a beautiful little niece now!

    Wish ya the best!

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    I definetely agree with Co-Coa.... up there. Female sperm are a lot stronger than male sperm and they don't get killed off as easily by heat. So warm/ hot baths, and tighter underwear don't hurt them as much as the male sperm. I just wanted to let you know she gave great advice. Good luck!!

    Source(s): Parenting classes, Genetics classes, and biology classes....
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    Find a mailman with a lot of sisters?

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    All wive's tales.


    Let God handle it :)

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