In Outlook Express if it is in your SENT FOLDER is it 100% sent?

I sent an important email using Outlook Express the other day. After clicking send, I realised my internet connection was disconnected (but maybe not the email server). There was no error message, and the mail was moved by Outlook to my sent mail folder. Is this enough to mean the mail went through OK?

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    Yes. If Outlook Express (OE) had trouble sending the message it would remain in the Outbox.

    (Checking a web based Sent Items folder will not always work, as each e-mail program has its own Sent Items folder. OE sent messages will be in the OE Sent Items folder, while webmail sent messages would be in the webmail sent items folder.)

    In the future if you want to be certain that a message is delivered, you can turn on read confirmation. This can be done on a message by message basis or for all messages.

    To activate for an individual message, go to the Tools menu, then Request Read Receipt, prior to sending.

    To activate for all messages, from the main Outlook window, go to Tools->Options, then select the Receipts tab. Check "Request a read receipt for all messages".

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    That is incorrect about 100% validation that the mail cant be returned to your inbox because of delivery methods. Mail queues can play a big roll in if and when your message was actually received by the recipient you emailed.

    If an item shows up in your Sent Folder, it is primarily used to validate you in fact sent a message. Where that is justified in being 100% is you were successful in a message leaving your client and communicating with the Internet in one way shape or form. This does not guarantee delivery under any circumstance. It is more used as a method to cover yourself if time sensitive items or deliverables need to be sent to the end user. If there are problems with a users email client, you may get a failed delivery message days later in some circumstances. Although it is not common, I am only answering your question honestly.

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    Yes, outlook doesn't move the messages from the outbox to the sent folder untill they are sent positively, no need to worry. if the sending encounters any kind of problem be it with the net or the server, the message remains in the outbox for a retry.


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    Most of the Outlook Express error messages are due to problems with the internet connection, not the software on your computer.

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    It's more likely your email account with MSN than Outlook Express. Many email accounts have a limit on how much outbound email you can send in a single day. You can either increase the limit (usually by paying a fee) or wait a day and send the rest.

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    Yes, it Will, But some time if it is unmatched withsender it will undelivered/ Bounces.

    So Before Writing Sender / Recipent Address Make sure you are Writing the Exact Address.



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    Yes it definitely went through. If it did not it will be in the Outbox section.

    If you need to convince yourself, log in to the web-based account and check.

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